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Guest Blogger: Monster Musings

Hello, my name is tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster.

The regular blogger Tierney, appears to be too distracted lately to write a blog post, so I told her I will take care of getting a post up this week. She did help me take photos since I am not very good at selfies due to my limited arm range.

Here I am ready to start a long overdue blog post:

Tierney made me a make shift desk
Sometimes I have to look over my glasses while writing

But first – if you are new to this blog (welcome new readers, glad to have you join us!) you can read my story and see some of my adventures in the series of posts – Beastie Adventures. I was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved (well was shipped) to Central Oregon to join Tierney of tierneycreates in June 2018.

I am so glad my maker,  Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties ( , made me a laptop so I could help Tierney with blog posts!

So what have I been up to? Well as you know, just like Tierney, I have locs in my hair (you may know these traditionally as being called “dreadlocks” but the current term is LOCS, as there is no “dread” in them!). Like Tierney, I am always wondering how to style my locs and sometimes I get lint in them as Tierney does with hers.

Tierney and I were playing with different hairstyles and she french-braided my hair:

French-braiding attempt

The cool thing about Tierney’s attempt at french-braiding (let’s be honest, she is not going to win any “French-Braiding Awards”) is that my adorable ears get featured:

My ears are normally hidden with my hair flowing free but here they are – popping!

Although I enjoyed showing my adorable ears, after a while the french-braid felt too tight and we returned to my regular hairstyle:


While writing you, my miniature schnauzer Mikelet (named after Tierney’s dog Mike) began staring at me and I suspected he wanted to go for a walk:


I was pretty sure he wanted to go for a walk when he got insistent:


I wanted to put the final touches on this blog post, so I told him to wait.

He got bored waiting and wandered into the living room.

Realizing he probably really needed to “go potty”, I went to the living room to get him for a walk before finishing my blog post and found him hanging out with “Big Mike”:


Big Mike’s beard was looking a little messy so Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) began combing it while Mikelet looked on:


Mikelet wanted his beard combed also (he wants to do everything Big Mike does), so TTQH attempted to also comb his beard:


Finally, with a freshly combed beard, Mikelet was ready to go on his walk:



Tierney is not totally goofing off. She is still working on an art quilt for a special exhibit in which she cannot share photos until the curator announces the show.

But she did finish the little appliqué pillow she mentioned in this post – Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018, Part II: Visiting Crafters.


It was her first attempt at wool appliqué and next time she plans to do better stitching, but it was a practice piece.

Mikelet however appears to really like the pillow as I found him hanging out with it on top of the bookcase (how the heck did he climb up there?):



48 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Monster Musings”

  1. Well, that little pillow is cute. Glad Mikelet likes it. Also really like the beastie’s ears. Very nice. And….you are a goof ball.

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  2. Okay, how did you train your Beastie to type blog posts. Finn refuses to help with mine other than posing for photos. Love what you did with the locs! And Mikelet is very brave…most dogs might be tempted to see how chewy their felt counterparts are.

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    1. She just had a natural knack for blogging, I assume that is why Helen made her a laptop 🙂
      I think Big Mike is getting used to Mikelet and tries to remember he is not a chew toy, though I do not leave them alone together for too long!

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      1. I bet Beastie Tierney requested the laptop just before she was packed up…you know, so she’d have something to do on the trip over. Finn learned the hard way that not all pets can be trusted…there was a minor cat incident that we’re not allowed to talk about due to his PTSD over the situation. 😃

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      2. We were staying at a vacation rental on Maui that comes compete with two cats and some chickens. One of the cats simply ignored Finn…the other was very excited with the new toy. If you’re curious, I think you can search my blog for Maui and find it in there somewhere.

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  3. Congratulations on your creative blog post, litle tierneycreates Beastie! And you were very generous to share attention with Mikelet and Big Mike. We need to keep harmony in our “close-knit” family. Haha….I made a pun. I am feeling very playful today because I just got my hairdresser to put blue streaks in my hair. Adding a whole new meaning to Blue-Haired Cat Lady.

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  4. I have just finished reading about Finn’s adventures in Ireland, and now your monster as guest blogger. what a versatile bunch/group/romp (what is the collective noun for monsters?) they are! Love the French braid.

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  5. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Oh the Places You’ll Go”. There is not limit to the adventures your little band of buddies (TTQH & Mike included] will have.

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  6. Delightful. I laughed all the way through. P.S. You should show your delightful ears more often, tierneycreates Beastie. I was also very happy to see what Mikelet is up to as he is the most gorgeous doglet in the world

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  7. Adorable! The French Braid is a wonderfully ear-popping look. I like it! And glad to see that Mikelet is getting combed and is bonding with Big Mike. I squealed at the picture of Tierney Creates Beastie looking over her glasses while blogging. So cute! Beautiful work on the wool appliqué. 🙂

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  8. Heeheehee! Oh, good job tierneycreates Beastie… Human Tierney is lucky to have you around to take over when she’s super-busy! Thanks for the hairstyling tips (both Beastie and canine), and it’s great to see Mike and Mikelet playing nicely together. Also, I had no idea that that appliqué pillow was so teeny… It’s perfectly Beastie-sized! Great post! 😁

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