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What is OFF the Design Wall: Tango Stripe is Done (yay!)

Yay! Tango Stripe (pattern by Jean Wells), is finally done!

It took a while to match all the seams of the rows in the diagonal/”on-point” setting:


But finally – it was done!


Okay it is not actually done as it still needs to be quilted. I will be giving it to my Washington state based quilting sisters I see at the end of the month to take to a long-arm quilter I met many years ago when I lived in Seattle – Krista Moser.

A couple of years ago I attended a quilt retreat with her and was reinforced on what a lovely and talented person she is (Little Miss Muffet, Made Her Own Tuffet). My quilting sisters Judy and Dana have used her services for years and she has done beautiful work on their quilts.

It is fun to see Krista who started as a teenager on a long-arm, move from making purses and long-arm quilting in her small garage to try and make a living, to building a quilting empire (her patterns are now sold in quilt shops are around the country as are her custom rulers)!  She is like “local girl makes good”!

I had alway been hesitant about using out of town long-arm quilters, but I had a wonderful experience sending a couple quilts to my talented blogging buddy, Cindy (inastitchquilting.com) – see these posts: A Happy Ending for “Happy Ending” and Pajama Sale and Finished Pieces.

I’ve already put together the backing for the quilt and have it all packaged up to give my friends to take to Krista. I feel so free that this quilt (which was an old “UFO”) is done!

By the way, it was the imaginary pressure of you all expecting me to finish up the quilt soon since I kept sharing posts about its progress, that really pushed me to finish it. Living in a fantasy world can be really useful at times – ha!

I’ve already started working/planning/playing with my next UFO to work on but that will be a future post. But here is a preview/tease – it involves pieces from these two posts: Art Quilter Play Date and Quilt Retreat Inspiration and Projects.

I will leave you guessing for now…

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  1. Tierney – this is beautiful patchwork, truly – congratulations! 😀

    But now I am confused. Do you not quilt your quilts yourself? I always thought that the quilted stitch pattern was actually what made a quilt a quilt. But if you send it away, is it just done with simple diamonds or something? It also makes you a quilter who does not quilt… I would rather call you a patchwork artist instead. Could this be a US/UK difference? I would only call “quilting” the process of stitching a prepared sandwich, I would not call “quilting” the process of preparing a patchwork top – I’d call it “making patchwork”. 🙂 Not all quilts have a patchwork top, many create designs with the stitching on plain background, often with differently coloured threads. Could you please clarify the terminology for me? 🙂

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    1. Well as far as quilting I do some of my own quilting (sewing the layers together of top, bottom and batting) on smaller quilts. On a lap size quilt such as this or larger I would send it out to a professional long arm machine quilter who can complete the quilting quicker and has much more talent than I do when it comes to quilting designs😀
      But in the US we call ourselves “Quilters” because we make quilts. But you are correct sometimes I am a patchwork artists and sometimes I am a full-blown quilter depending on the piece 😀

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    1. If I am quilting it myself then I just use Warm & Natural cotton batting. However this one is going to a professional long-arm machine quilter so I will let her choose whatever she thinks is best.

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  2. So, my dream job would actually be in manufacturing. I would like to go back to our roots of creating and doing things by hand and / or with the use of basic tools. The days in which people were an apprentice to a carpenter, a blacksmith, farmer and the like. And then when you finally gained enough experience, you were annointed and blessed to go work on your own. Technology is cool, but sometimes you just want to go build or make something. I want overalls and boots to be my work uniform. After a long hard day of work, I can come home to a grand meal and say to myself, “Self, ya done good.”

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    1. You could go work on a building site. This is exactly how they still work – there is no robot that builds houses, you know. 😉


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