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Pajama Sale and Finished Pieces

Annual “Pajama Sale” at the Stitchin’ Post

Saturday November 11th was the annual PJ Sale at the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon. Each year I attend with quilting friends and last year I started bring Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) to the sale (as a bonus he drives there in the cold, dark and sometimes snowy weather as the sale starts early).

Each of our wonderful quilt shops in Central Oregon has their own special focus when it comes to fabric collection.  The Stitchin’ Post has the best selection of unique art quilter focused fabrics in the region. It also carries fabrics that would appeal to traditional quilters.

During the Pajama Sale, if you get there before 8:30 am (doors open at 6:30 am) AND you are in your PJs, you get 35% off nearly everything in the store!

I did not buy that much – a couple books and notions. My favorite part of the PJ Sale is hanging out with fellow quilters all in our PJs wandering around a quilt shop and then going out to breakfast afterwards – in our PJs! It is like the morning after a huge sleepover, ha!

I figured no one wanted to be on my blog photographed in their PJs so the photos below give you a feel but do not have any faces:


One lady had an over the top robe from the 1970s. I asked her if I could take a photo and suggested she turn around unless she wanted to have herself in her robe featured on my blog, ha!

The photo does not quite capture the brightness of the 1970s robe – it was over the top and of course made of some type of synthetic material

We went to the Gallery Restaurant in Sisters for breakfast after an hour wandering around the sale. It very quite fun with a group of us gathered around a large table in a restaurant, all in our PJs (except for my friend’s 96 year old Dad who lives in town and another husband who joined us in their regular clothes).

Breakfast after early morning quilt shop shopping! (This was actually TTQH’s breakfast as I only like my eggs scrambled)

One of my friends had a spectacular set of PJs with the words “Queen Bee” all over them:


I wore my traditional schnauzer themed PJs (they are actually Scotties in gray and black and I pretend like the gray ones are schnauzers).

Finished Pieces

Cozy Cobblestones came back from the long-arm quilter, Cindy of inastitchquilting.com   and this weekend I added the binding.

It is now hung in the living room above the TV:



Cindy did wonderful job quilting the piece and here are some photos of her beautiful work:


Her quilting really compliments the blocks made from Northcott Fabrics’ Stonehenge line! I am so glad I met her through blogging!

This weekend I also finished one of the table runners I discussed in posts such as “What’s on the Design…Ironing Board?” and “Can We Talk About Table Runners?. Here it is freshly ironed after I quilted and put on the binding:


It measures 16.5″ x 44″ which seems to fall into a fairly standard table runner length.

I’ve not decided if I am going to quilt the other four (4) table runner tops I made or stick them away for now (oh no they will become “UFOs”!!!). I do not think I will re-open the tierneycreates Etsy shop at this time. I’ve had some recent art quilting related exciting news, that I will share at a later date, that makes me want to focus on my efforts on building my art quilt portfolio rather than trying to make stuff to sell on an Etsy shop.

There are only so many hours in the day!


In my previous post, A Good Mess, I shared some statistics from a recent national survey (The Quilting in America 2017 survey) on how much money the average quilter spends a year on quilting related supplies and activities. The two numbers were $442 and $500 per year depending on how “dedicated” the quilter is.

I really enjoyed the comments some of you made on these figures; and wanted to share how I nearly FAR EXCEEDED this number during the Stitchin’ Post’s Pajama Sale on Saturday!

There was glitch in their cash register and my total came to $730,000! The Stitchin’s Post staff behind the register, a couple other customers and I had a huge laugh over this! I asked if my purchase also came with a new luxury home, a car, and an outfitted sewing studio with a stocked fabric closet?

They re-rang my purchase and with my 35% off discount (we arrived at 6:50 am and I was in my PJs) my purchase came to $73 instead of $730,000.


38 thoughts on “Pajama Sale and Finished Pieces”

  1. Great post! Love the 70’s robe (my mom had one!) and the PJ fun. Where was a photo of your schnauzer pj fabric?? I am glad you didn’t pay that price tag at the end, too. Could’ve bought both of us a new car!

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  2. Wow, looks like it was a blast. I love the queen bee PJ’S. Wow, that was a dream sale for the stitchin post. I am sure there was lots of chuckles.

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  3. I’m imagining your face when told you owed $730,000.00! That would certainly up the average.

    And I remember those robes. Never had one. We always went for chenille.

    Your quilt looks good, hanging in its place.

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    1. Chenile sounds much better though I have to remember those robes were once in style! Thanks on the quilt I am quite pleased! I did gasp at first when they said the total but they were laughing as they read it from the register!


  4. What a fun tradition! I liked the reference to the morning after sleepovers–which brought back fond memories. It also reminded me of some lazy mornings from childhood when all of my siblings and I (4 sisters, 2 brothers) would lounge around in PJ’s and have a big breakfast and then watch cartoons or something–sometimes snuggled in blankets or quilts!

    I love all the earth tones in Crazy Cobblestones. Also, I’m looking forward to reading about your table runners. The story about your $730 purchase is hilarious!

    You make me want to get back to quilting, but at the moment LIFE is happening and unfortunately quilts are not. Someday…

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    1. Terry wore his PJs last year but this year he did not as we brought the dogs and he was going to give them their morning walk in Sisters while I shopped😀 thanks for your comments!


  5. I remember you talking about the pj party sale. What a fun way of drawing customers in to spend money. So glad you purchase total was adjusted. I know I couldn’t have even thought of spending that much money. Slightly above my budget. Neat that you combined the of sale with breakfast. So appropriate. 🙂 I can’t believe you already have the binding done on the quilt. You were anxious to get it hung on your wall. Awesome table runner.

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  6. I really like the idea of a fabric sale that requires buyers to sport their PJs! Sounds like a very fun time to all go together to a breakfast, too. Us knitters need an equivalent to this fun event. 🙂 (kudos to TTQH for the early AM drive!). And absolutely beautiful work on the cobblestone quilt, Tierney! I like the stone-y look to the fabric, and the patterning and blocks are gorgeous. From far away, it looks like tiles fading in and out. So cool!

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  7. This post made me smile! How fun to not only shop for quilting fabric but admire everyone’s PJ’s! Love the 70’s robe…I think they call that “vintage” now….does that mean we are “vintage” too?

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  8. Oh wow, this was totally worth the early morning drive! And what’s that – this store has yarn too, you say? 🤔 I’d be tempted to pop in myself next year! Well, as long as I don’t end up being hilariously overcharged, of course 😆 Your finished cobblestone quilt looks beautiful, too!

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      1. OH YES! That’s really got my morning off to a good start! I love how they’ve set up the displays so you feel like you’re in someone’s knitting studio, rather than a store. You’re lucky to have this super place so close by (ie not separated from you by an ocean and a continent 😆)! Thanks, Tierney!

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