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Slashing the Stash with TTQH

In case you are curious what Terry the Quilting Husband (TTQH) is up to, he is going to be “Slashing my Stash” of homespuns (fabric).

Recently I pulled from a bookcase a stack of quilting books and booklets that I have neglected for years. The plan was to donate any book I could not find at least one pattern in the book I would definitely make.

TTQH was eyeing the stack of old quilting books for donation I assembled, so I asked him if he wanted to flip through the pile and see if he wanted to make any quilts from books in this pile.

He pulled out this book: Slash your Stash Quilts: 8 Recipes to Reduce Your Stash by Leisure Arts/Designs by Claudia Plett.


He showed me the pattern for the quilt he wanted to make – Twinklers.

The version of the Twinklers quilt depicted in the book was made from homespuns; and I realized I have a whole stash of homespuns in my fabric stash that I have not played with for years. So I pulled out all my homespuns and laid them before TTQH for his quilt “fabric shopping”!


He currently has the entire stash of homespuns in his sewing area and I will share an update on his progress in a future post. I plan to help him with the pattern as it has a couple new techniques for him.

TTQH’s recently finished quilt is with the long-arm quilter right now – below are photos of the fishing themed flannel quilt top and the nap TTQH and the dogs took under his completed quilt top:


In between working on quilts he has helped me with English Paper Piecing (EPP) and I will share my questionable EPP-husband-abuse in a future post in my Adventures in English Paper Piecing series.

I am quite excited he is “slashing my stash”!


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18 thoughts on “Slashing the Stash with TTQH”

    1. That is how Terry started out – consulting like your husband does. Not sure how it happened but he started quilting! He is not as into it as I am but he likes flannel types of fabrics and wants to make endless flannel quilts – ha!

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  1. I, too, have a terry-husband. He does not quilt (so cool about yours!) but he is supportive of my creative endeavors. When I was concertizing/gigging a lot, I called him my ‘patron’ – and the name stuck so I guess my terry could be called ttph!
    BTW: how cool for him to have access to an instant fabric supply – reducing your stash at the same time. Isn’t that called a symbiotic relationship?!

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