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The Library Stack

Continuing my ongoing series, The Library Stack, sharing my latest* stack of borrowed books from my beloved local public library.


*To be completely honest, this is not my current library stack, this is my previous library stack but I am behind in this ongoing series!

If you’ve followed my blog for more any period of time, you’ve likely figured out my bordering pathology public library obsession. Visiting my public library makes me very happy.

Here is where the magic starts – in the Holds Pick Up section that spans a large part of the library entry lobby:


I might be “over sharing” but it is so exciting to make my way over to the “H” section of the Holds and see what is waiting for me! (I reserve books and movies online.)

As much as I love the library’s Holds Pick Up section, upstairs there is a seriously magical section of the library – the “books available now section” (I am unsure of the official name of this section):


This section contains recent novels that cannot be put on hold – they are only available if you come into the library and pick them up from this section. This section usually contains a couple copies of the NY Times Bestseller books and other recently published books.

My fantasy someday is to take a hiatus from work and just bring home stacks (and stacks) of these books and leisurely read novel after novel! (Usually the people browsing these sections appears to be retired individuals.)

There never seems to be time to just sit and read a novel. This is why my library stacks mainly contain the kind of books I can just browse/flip through for information or to enjoy with a pot of tea (like the home decor and crafting books).

This is also why I enjoy audiobooks so much – they allow me to enjoy a novel while getting other stuff done. (I am currently listening to a science fiction novel, The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin).

Or maybe I need to learn more “stillness” and less “multi-tasking” and try and sit still and read novels again.

I remember as a pre-teen, during summer break, bringing home stacks and stacks of novels to read – and reading them all. There is something completely delicious about being completely lost in a physical book.

Funny, my sister and I were just discussing multi-tasking and its pitfalls the other day. I think this will be my “New Year’s Resolution” for 2018: Less multitasking!


Wallhanging I completed in July 2017 in honor of my favorite quote!


In my November 8th post A Good Mess, I shared an image of a crumpled sari a friend picked up for me at a thrift shop.


I’d just laundered it and the floor was the safest place in my messy sewing room at time time.

Now it is pressed (it took forever as saris are very long!) and hangs as a valance in my front living room window (where I read my Library Stack):


It is a lovely shade of “umber” – a color that to me is a mixture of clay, burnt orange and coppery brown. It coordinates very well with my Cozy Cobblestones quilt on the adjoining wall:


And coordinates with the quilt and tablecloth next to the opposite wall (which I plan to repaint someday in a more neutral palette as my “strong-color-on-walls” period is over!):


And yes my decorating still could be labeled: Random or “Very Random”.

23 thoughts on “The Library Stack”

  1. Thanks for sharing your home photos with us. Gives a little insight into you. No criticism from this quarter on your “random” decorating. It looks like you choose things that you love and are meaningful to you. That isn’t random, and it gives a very warm and welcoming look.

    As for your new years resolution, I do have a bit of advice. Think about what you DO want more of, rather than what you want less of. Instead of “less multitasking,” what is it you would like? Focus on the positive. 🙂

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  2. My friend asked me to join a book club with her.
    It is a very interesting group of people.
    I read the first two books and enjoyed the discussion, however, I was finding it difficult to sit down and read. Let me rephrase that…I chose to do other things first.
    I have always enjoyed reading, but now, more than ever, I find it difficult to focus on one thing.
    An elementary school principal once told me that my classroom was filled with movement, music, and learning. No one really ever sat down in my class. Everyone was multi-tasking.
    My daughter-in-law told me about audio books.
    Although I like that the audio gives me the opportunity to multi-task, I just don’t particularly care for the story being read to me. I like to turn the pages, look back and look ahead…
    I am rethinking belonging to a book club. I think it would be better for me to just pick a book on my own.
    I love walking through our old downtown library. The new one by my house…not so much.
    I just ordered a book from Amazon: 52 Tuesdays, a Quilt Journal by Sandy Gilreath.
    It seems short and sweet, and I am interested in this form of journaling.
    Long story short…I agree to focus on the positive.

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    1. I love the idea of book groups but I definitely like to read what I want to read and not what I am obligated to read so I am currently not into being part of a book group.
      Thanks for your comments and sharing your experience!

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  3. Thanks for sharing a bit of your home.
    I love how you have your work on walls and tables and everywhere.
    We have walls of books.
    One of the bedrooms was turned into a book room that held all of my children literature that I used for teaching.
    The hallway has shelves of books.
    Every time I think of clearing some out, I find reasons NOT to give the books away.

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    1. I struggle with thinking I need to get rid of books and not wanting to part with them. We are thinking about remodeling an entire wall in the living room into a bookshelves/entertainment/fireplace wall. I keep looking at idea of Pinterest. With more bookshelves, I will likely want more books – ha!

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    1. Unfortunately it was not super helpful. It is focused on those people starting from scratch with WP software, building their WP sites and getting the sites on a hosting platform. I use the easy WP version hosted by WordPress themselves where you use their templates, etc. I find the WP help available online to be more helpful!

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  4. Great to see the stack of books and lovely quilts too. I’ve devoured two thriller novels in a week and sitting here beside me is one of my latest purchased quilting books. I need to visit the local library again soon – my obsession with books gets slightly out of hand at times – especially with downloads at the touch of a button. Unfortunately my little local library is not as well stocked as yours may be!

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  5. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for your library. I always enjoy reading about your escapades. I wish I could get as excited about my library. I also enjoyed seeing the photos of your home and all its coziness. I don’t think I would change a thing. It looks warm and inviting. 🙂

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  6. Oh I have library envy! I miss my old local one, the one here is small but I can request books through the interLibrary loan. I want to look through all the books in your stack, will be requesting the Spoonflower and WordPress one for sure!
    Your quilts look beautiful and the sari too.

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  7. T: I love your library tours! Tonight I am headed to my own local library to snag some audio books for the long trip to Georgian Bay, Ontario beginning tomorrow morning. Your pictures make me anxious to get Box of Books soon before all the good books/audio books are gone….

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  8. Your library looks like mine! Nice stack of books AND great way to use the Sari…the trim is very pretty. I am also liking the quilt behind the TV (or is that a computer screen)? Either way, it warms up the “electronic look”.

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  9. Great library stack! I absolutely loved the interiors in Mary Randolph Carter’s book (I put that title on reserve after reading about her through your blog earlier this year!). I loved the way the homes were a celebration of their owners’ uniqueness and collections. I would also be very interested in the read on “Simple sustainable style.” I hope you’re enjoying it! And, I share your sentiment – I love the anticipation of getting the library notice that a book has arrived, then going to pick it up. It’s a delight unique to libraries. 🙂 Beautiful quilt – the squares look like they are dancing!

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    1. Ah you caught that Mary Randolph Carter book was a repeat – yes I like to reborrow books – much cheaper than owning – ha! Glad you were able to find it at your library and enjoy it. I too loved the quirkiness and coziness of the interiors! Thanks on the quilt comment 🙂

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