A Good Mess

My studio/sewing area is currently very messy, but it is a “good mess”!


Here is what I have going on in the room:


In addition to the recently quilted quilt and the table runner, also adding to the clutter is an awesome Sari a friend of my just sent me. I just laundered it and it is on the floor awaiting pressing (as the ironing board is currently busy as are the other surfaces…but the floor is relatively clean…)


She got it second hand for a very good deal and originally I was thinking about using it in a future recycled clothing art quilt. It is however a lot of nice fabric and it coordinates with colors in my living room, so I am mulling over the idea of making it a valance for my front window.

Well I better start working on my mess!


Recently I received a complimentary download of the publication – AMERICAN QUILT RETAILER fall market 2017. (While running my tierneycreates Etsy shop I had a wholesale license and I was on the mailing list to receive these types of promotions.)

Inside the issue was an interesting profile (for quilt shop owners) on the results of The Quilting in America 2017 survey (pg 48).

Those of you who are quilters might find these excerpts from the article on this survey interesting:

  • “There are an estimated 7 to 10 million quilters in the U.S. The total number of households with a quilter is 6 to 8.3 million, and that each quilting household spends an average of $442 annually – that’s a 48% increase since 2014.”
  • “Within that total group of U.S. quilters are “Dedicated Quilters” who spend $500 or more a year on their art form and hobby.”
  • “The average Dedicated Quilter is female, 63 years old, down by a year in age since 2014, and has been quilting for 19 years. She is well educated (70% attended college), affluent (average household income of $95,900), and leans toward a preference of traditional quilting styles (85%) over modern (37%) and art (20%).”

Interesting! Any demographics sound familiar (especially the spending $500 or more per year on our art form…)?

24 thoughts on “A Good Mess”

  1. What a mess!! 😉

    The stats are interesting. I do find it confusing that there would a 48% increase in average household quilting spending just since 2014. Can’t think what would drive that in reality. I’m guessing there is a measurement error, either from then or from now.

    As to spending $500 a year, that is way easy to do, and I’m not much of a shopper/stasher. But it’s fewer than 50 yards of fabric (at full retail price.) If you make 10 baby quilts or small lap quilts a year, you would use about that much. If you need your machine serviced for just basic clean-up, you spend $100 or more. If you buy thread, 3 cones at a time, that’s $50. If you pay someone to quilt for you and only have 2 bed quilts done a year, you can spend $500 just on that, easily. So certainly if you spend that much (and are not only spending but also using the goods and services,) you are a quilter and likely it’s one of your primary occupations. But I’m sure not shocked at the dollar amount.

    And as I’ve often said, (if your health insurance doesn’t cover it, like mine,) quilting is way cheaper than therapy. 🙂

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  2. If $442.00 is the average, I’m certainly doing my part to average out the low spenders. And I’m not one of the bigger buyers. 🙂 Gotta keep those shops in business so they are there when we need them.

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    1. It is your duty – ha! I have hung out with some big fabric spenders (like one quilting friend spent their $442+ in one quilt shop trip!) and I have yet to go that crazy on fabric (but I did have a $350 spend at one shop once during a special sale!) 🙂


  3. The sari was a great find and making curtains from this fabric would be just fab! I bought a curtain panel at a thrift store and made some pillows. With that savings, I can proceed to spend my annual $442 allowance on other fabric!

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    1. Yes! You got an allowance to spend – get to the local quilt shop (or two) 🙂
      It is taking a while to press out the sari, it is very long and then I have to figure out a valance rod or something!


  4. Looks like a lot of goodness is going on in that sewing room. I love it. I hate to say it, but I spend more than $500 a year on my ‘hobby’ but it keeps me from going insane so I guess it is money well spent.

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  5. Oooh, I have one of those “good messes” going on at home too… I’m glad I’m not the only one! 😆 I think the most interesting of your stats is the average age of quilters – if it’s fallen by a whole year since 2014, does that mean you can claim that quilting keeps you young? 😉


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