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What’s Off the Design Wall: Cozy Cobblestones

Finally the follow up post to What’s on the Design Wall: Cozy Cobblestones with the completed quilt top!

It is a quilt top measures approximately 60″ x 72″ and made with traditional piecing but not a with a traditional vibe.

I tried to photograph it using the back of my shed discussed in the post The Photoshoot Shed: Please Give Me Your Ideas, but I had a shadow from the top of my gate due to the position of the sun:


So I moved it to the side of my house which was completely in shadow and got a better photo:


I decided not to put a border on it because I plan to put it into the rotation of quilts I rotate through my living room. A border would make it too large for the space I want to hang it. It coordinates well with the colors in my living room!

So I am working on piecing a backing together with various 1 -2 yard pieces of browns I have (trying to use my stash) and then send it to a long-arm quilter. I will likely bind it in the Stonehenge fabric I was going to use for the border.


I guess I need to work on the Medallion quilt in the photo below next as I have completed  #1, #2, and #4!



Around this time last year I was posting about the sunflowers in my garden. Well they did not return this year and I did not plant sunflower seeds – so I am sunflowerless!

Luckily my neighbors on the corner have several raised bed boxes of sunflowers in their front yard for me to enjoy:


I will be more diligent next Spring on planting sunflower seeds!

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  1. I forgot to say that this new hut quilt has a story to tell among all the designs and choices of fabric. It’s all about the refugee women and their struggles. I feel their spirits with me as I am working on these projects.

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    1. Thank you and I ended up using like 6 one yard-ish pieces to get the back pieced. I wanted to make sure I had enough on all the ends for the long arm quilter to load it on the machine.


  2. 🙂 Very good! Isn’t it amazing how quickly something can go when we feel fresh and confident in our ideas?

    As to the sunflowers, and the medallion house…. I am seeing them go together. Wild fairytale sunflowers, up over dwarfing the house with their height, almost like Jack’s bean stalk! 😀

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    1. Yes! You are so correct on that! I even finished up piecing the backing today so I am feeling quite accomplished, ha! Ooooh – sunflowers and the medallion house…okay you gave me something to think about, thank you my blogger quilt sister 🙂

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    1. Thank you and I did not consider the gate shadow when I got excited about using the back of the shed as a quilt photo station. I am going to have to check it at various times of the day to learn if there are any good times!

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  3. In spite of your photographing challenges…I think the quilt turned out amazing! I could not have anticipated the way it looks even from your previous photos. The impact when finished is so powerful!

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  4. Love the colors and if they coordinate with your LR, you must have a beautiful LR! Great work on completing projects 1, 2, and 4. Now we will be expecting the completion post for number 3. LOL. Seriously, you are doing great work.

    Sorry to hear the sunflowers didn’t work out this year.

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  5. I love that quilt. It is gonna look great in your rotation. And, I have very few Sunflowers this year too…next year will be better.

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  6. Oh wow, I love how this turned out… The colours are glorious, and I really like the texture of the fabric! The shed makes a great photo background, too, especially in the second shot. You’re definitely on to something good there! 😀

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