Beastie Adventures, Colorado Bound

Beastie Colorado Adventure Begins

I’ve discovered it is going to take more than the Beastie Blogging Intervention that I posted on 04/13/19. Tierney has still not returned to blogging during her move to Colorado. So I have to intervene again and update you all. (By the way, Tierney did find my shoe before we left Central Oregon).

We are currently in phase one of our move to Colorado. All of Tierney’s stuff is packed up  and traveling via moving truck, with her car in tow, to her new home in the Denver metro area. Her awesome longtime friend Jason is driving her stuff and also letting Mike her Miniature Schnauzer serve as co-pilot and ride with him! We decided that my dog Mikelet would travel with Tierney and me and not ride with Mike and Jason (he is small and could get lost somewhere in the moving van).

Now Tierney, Mikelet and I are headed to Seattle, WA for her first solo show opening (see post Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part II).

Currently we are hanging out at the airport on our way to Seattle and I discovered that the airport as a LIBRARY! It is called a…wait for it…FLYBRARY!


Is that not completely adorable (not as adorable as I am but still adorable!). Tierney’s beloved library, Deschutes Public Library, set up a couple stations in the airport for free book exchange. You can pick up a book for your flight or donate a book for someone else’s flight at the Flybrary!

Of course I had to browse some of the books and see if there was anything that Tierney and I needed for our flight.


We did not find anything for us to read so I’ve gone back to waiting in my seat for the plane ride to Seattle.


Still hoping Tierney will start blogging again, but for now I will have to fill in.

After the Seattle show, Tierney, Mikelet and I will fly to Denver to begin our new life and reunite with big Mike (well compared to my Mikelet, Mike is pretty big).

Photo from June 2018 of Mikelet and Mike riding in the car together


Oh Tierney’s friend Jason sent photos this morning from the road trip with Mike in the moving van and he is having a good time so far napping or looking out the window.


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  1. Had to make a comment about the library. I think having a library at an airport is a cool idea. If you are having to book another flight you would have a place to go and read books, magazines, and catch up on the news. I love to read out of State newspapers. Flybrary, love it!

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    1. I’m so glad you have both of your shoes now. I hear you size is hard to find in Seattle. What a whirlwind you and Tierney have been in. Take care of her, enjoy THE SHOW and have a safe flight to Denver and your new life. I’m singing the old Girl Scout song “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold,l

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  2. So sweet. Looking at Mike and Mikelet brought a tear to my eye. Saft travels for all. And all the best at your show tomorrow, featured artist, wows!!! Can’t wait to see more pictures of this journey. Hugs

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  3. The logistics of this is making my head spin! Fancy fitting in the opening of your solo show with a move to another state?! it is a fantastic and exciting way to start the adventure of your new life. Many hugs.

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  4. Mike is so cute riding along in the van!! And my heart started fluttering at the sight of that Fly-bary. What a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, with stores like Powells and Hudson News filling PDX, I doubt there will ever be anything similar there. Happy trails to you and best of luck with the move!!

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  5. Thanks for the update on the journey Beastie! I’m glad Tierney has company for her solo show and her plane ride to Colorado. And Mike looks so cute in the moving van ❤ Can't wait to hear more! Safe travels to All 🙂

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  6. Mike is the best in the west, or is Colorado considered the mid west. I would have liked to be there as you were placing Beastie around while taking pics. Do people snicker in the background or are they sad they cannot be in the photo? I like to watch my dogs sleep, but they always sense my presence and look perturbed that I am watching them. They are a sensitive bunch. Mike is smart folks, he is leading by example. When you have to travel a long distance, get a chauffeur to drive, and you catch up on your rest.

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  7. About that ‘flyberry’…excuse my ignorance but, are you allowed to take the book if you leave another to share in its place or are they there to read only ‘in house’?
    I love the idea, but getting involved in a whole new novel and then having to leave it when my flight arrived would be frustrating!!!!! Regardless, I’d be there for sure between flights.

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  8. lots of hostels have exchange libraries as well – I remember recently buying book at some point, reading and exchanging it at another hostel and then finally browsing one over night, didn’t get with it so found another one in the hostel library…

    it won’t be long and you will all be unpacking at your new home, finding places for all your treasures and starting a new life; well maybe not the quilting but in a way maybe new inspiration for more quilts…

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  9. Good luck with the move. What an incredible journey you have been on. All the best with your exhibition and the next stage of your journey.


  10. Oh, I’m so glad I popped in… Even if I am late! I’m trying to catch up a little munch at a time 🙈 So, good to hear that your shoe saga had a happy ending, and I hope you all enjoyed your trip! Also, Fly-brary? GENIUS! 😂


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