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Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part II

Here is a follow up to my 03/01/19 post Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part I.

Last week I was in Seattle, Washington for a work meeting and while I was in Seattle I dropped of my 12 art quilts that will be in my solo show at the Seattle Municipal Tower in Downtown Seattle opening 04/18/19 and running through 07/16/19.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Patricia S. the Coordinator for the City of Seattle’s Ethnic Heritage Gallery and Blake H. the Curator and Collections Manager for the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. They seemed pleased with the art quilts I had selected for the show.

I got to tour the gallery space in the Seattle Municipal Tower in downtown Seattle.

Here is some of the gallery space (I took photos quickly as I had to get to a work meeting in another section of downtown Seattle):


Here is the reception area where the opening reception will be held:


And here is the draft flyer for the show which is titled “The Wardrobe Meets the Wall: Art Quilts Created from Recycled Clothing & Garment Manufacturing Samples”.


The show’s curator said he loved the title, the concept and thought the art quilts were beautiful (I had a “trunk show” in the lower lobby/gallery area for the Coordinator and Curator).

The show opens at 12 noon on 04/18/19 at 700 5th Avenue, Seattle Washington. See you there if you are in the area! (My head is still reeling that the City of Seattle invited me to have a solo show…)


Downtown Seattle in B&W

I could not refuse the opportunity to take photos of downtown Seattle Washington in black & white while I walked from my meeting with the City of Seattle on the show, to my employer’s office.

I guess you could consider this postscript a continuation of my series of posts – Life in B&W.


And then there was the magnificent Downtown Seattle Public Library which I used to browse when I lived in Seattle 15 years ago:

34 thoughts on “Solo Show Seattle Municipal Tower, Part II”

  1. Oh, what a fantastic venue – filled with distinctive wall display space and light! Are you sure you want to move to Denver (area)?!

    Course with this show under your belt, you will arrive with hugely marketable credential on top of those you’ve already accrued. I fully expect to see several solo shows once you’re settled and involved in the community! HA!

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    1. Glad you got all that from my sad quick photos – ha! I will have better photos during the show opening. Well I do not want to move back to Seattle. I am cool – I do not need to necessarily establish myself in Colorado as an art quilter. I just want to enjoy the area and have fun. I’ll likely return to focusing on some traditional quilting for a while 🙂

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  2. I love the B/W photographs, especially the first one. And that one building later is so geometric. I can imagine a few art quilts coming from it. Nice to have your quilts delivered–the excitement mounts!

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  3. That space will be great formyounquilts. I can’t wait to see the pictures of it. Fun title, for sure. Strong graphics in B&W Seattle.

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  4. What an amazing space!! Congratulations again and again!! And I recognized the library straight away…I dragged my mom there when we visited Seattle a few years ago because I just can’t get enough of books :))

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  5. How exciting to be preparing for this solo show, Tierney! Major high fives to you! That’s a beautiful, bright space to display your work, and it will be lots of fun to chat with the visitors in person, I’m sure. Do you get to say how/what order the quilts will be arranged in? All best for a grand opening on the 18th!

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