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Beastie Blogging Intervention

Hello readers of tierneycreates! You’ve likely noticed Tierney of tierneycreates has fallen off the “blogging posting wagon”. She would claim this is due to being very busy working on her move to Colorado (see her series of posts Colorado Bound). So I am going to have to take over and get a post out there.

A Little About The Guest Blogger

If you are new to this blog, let me introduce myself: I am tierneycreates Beastie and I am a Monster, but the good kind of Monster.

You can read my story and see some of my adventures in the series of posts – Beastie Adventures. Here is the post that started that series on when I first arrived to Central Oregon to join Tierney – I’m a Monster.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved (well was shipped) to Central Oregon to join Tierney of tierneycreates in June 2018. I am so glad my maker,  Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties (, made me a laptop so I could help Tierney with blog posts!

Here I am using my makeshift desk:


Sometimes I have to look over my glasses to see the small text on my laptop, just like Tierney does:

Sometimes I have to look over my glasses while writing

In addition to a laptop for blogging, I also came with my dog Mikelet (a miniature Miniature Schnauzer) as well as my library card. So just like Tierney I could enjoy all that the public library has to offer.


What Has The Mysterious Tierney Been Up To?

Well Tierney has been working intensely to finish packing for her move to the greater Denver metropolitan area in the near future.

She did go from this (from the 03/31/19 post Never Stop to Think…Do I Have A Place for This?):


To this:


Some of her rooms are now actually empty:


Here’s a close up from me in the empty room but for some reason I am missing one of my shoes (did Tierney pack it?):


Tierney promises she will eventually find my other shoe!

Also Tierney has received a couple quilts back from long-arm quilting and she needs to get the bindings on:


  • Sampler Quilt – I cannot locate Tierney’s original post on this quilt but she was using it as a tablecloth and finally decided to have it professionally long-arm quilted to become a quilt. She is going to put on the binding after she moves to her new place. (Tierney promises that someday she will find the original post about this quilt and share a full photo of the quilted quilt with its binding on.)


In addition to packing and sewing down binding, Tierney has been traveling a lot and recently returned from a trip to Northern California to visit some of her quilting sisters. She took lots of photos at the quilt shops they visited and will share on a future post.

Well that’s all I have for now and I will try to work with Tierney to get her back on track with blogging (and catching up on the posts of the bloggers she follows).

I will leave you with a recent photo of Tierney and Mike (who my Mikelet was named after) and overall they are doing okay:


27 thoughts on “Beastie Blogging Intervention”

  1. Good luck, Beastie, keeping her in line and focused on this big move. You are up to the challenge and please let us know where she finds your shoe!

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  2. Beastie you sure got attitude – walking along without both shoes you are clearly not a happy camper, even if you’re trying to help Tierney by saying it’s no big deal. Ahem.
    I can guarantee you will enjoy using your universal library card in your new place, so hang on,
    the move is about to begin!
    Tierney looks good, but Mike seems a bit leary of his home being shifted about.
    Take good care of them!

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  3. Oh no, I hope the case of the missing shoe is solved soon! I love the “desk.” It reminds me of my poor man’s standing desk (a bunch of book stacked up on a side table). Best of luck with the packing (ugh).

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  4. Dear Tierney Beastie and Mikelet,
    Thanks for the update on Tierney and Mike. She sure has been working hard! You’ll need your shoe for all the hiking you will do in Colorado…I think you should ask Mikelet or Mike to help you find it. Schnauzers are good at sniffing things out. Safe travels!


  5. Hey there tierneycreates Beastie! It’s great to hear all your news, and to see you and Human Tierney looking so well… Even if you are down a shoe 😆 That’s some serious de-stashing she’s been doing, too, and some very beautiful finished pieces! Good luck with the final stages of the move, and if that shoe doesn’t turn up, the cobblers here at Beastie Towers can probably put together a new one for you! Safe travels! 😁

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