“Ohio Shifted” Returns from Road Trip to PIQF

Ohio Shifted (2016) has returned from its road trip to the Pacific International Quilt Festival (PIQF).

Wendy Hill and Pat Pease, authors of  Creative Quilt Challenges (C&T Publishing, 2016) invited me to participate in their Shape Shifting Challenge, an exhibit-within-an-exhibit at PIQF – October 13-16, 2016, in Santa Clara, California.

Here are the blog posts related to the invitation and the story behind this art quilt made from recycled silksCreative Quilt Challenges: Shape Shifting and Artist Statements.

This art quilt  has sort of a long story. It began as an experiment in traditional piecing with recycled silks (I attempted to make an Ohio Star wallhanging). It was not working out for me; adopted by my friend Betty Anne to re-imaginge; and evolved out of a challenge to make something from the scraps Betty Anne gave me from her piece, Ohio.

Here is the piece which has now returned home and will become part of The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection:

Ohio Shifted (2016) – Designed, pieced and quilted by Tierney Davis Hogan

When Wendy Hill returned my piece to me, she also gave me a copy of the PIQF 2016  brochure and the placard that had my Artist Statement and an image of what the piece looked like before I “shape shifted” it!


Here is a clearer photo of what the piece looked like before it’s makeover:


It was not bad in its original form, it just seemed very boring.

If you would like to read about the road trip adventures of Wendy Hill and Pat Pease on their road trip from Central Oregon to Santa Clara California and their PIQF experience, check out Wendy Hill’s blog at: Wendy Hill’s Blog (

Here is the description of their Special Exhibit in the 2017 PIQF Supplement: Creative Quilt Challenges – Wendy Hill & Pat Pease

Pat and Wendy have been working together for 8 years exploring color and design through a series of self-designed challenges. These quilts show their differences and similarities in personal style and fabric choices. View in-process photographic displays of their work, and also a group challenge from quilters from the USA and Canada. Their 2013 exhibit at PIQF led to their new 2016 book Creative Quilt Challenges (C&T Publishing). You’;; want to Take the Challenge Too!


Just for fun, and to save you time from reading through old blog posts, here is a photographic history of the Journey of this piece, in “legs” of its “creative flight”:

First Leg – It tried to become an Ohio Star Wallhanging, I wanted to experiment with traditional piecing and with recycled silks as a change from making intuitively free formed pieced art quilts:

Ohio Star, recycled silks (in progress)

Second Leg – My friend Betty Anne agreed to adopt it and the coordinating scraps of recycled silk I had to go with the piece in progress. She disassembled sections of the stars, adding in the coordinating recycled silk I had selected for the original piece and a couple small pieces from her stash of recycled silks; and created this incredible piece: Ohio (2016)

Ohio (2016) by Betty Anne Guadalupe. (Note you can see the some of the points from the original Ohio Star recycled into the piece!)

Third Leg – Betty Anne gave me her unused scraps of recycled silk from her Ohio piece. These were the fabrics I had originally selected. From that I made the piece below, which was not officially named:


Fourth (and final) Leg – I took the borders off and took the miniature log cabins apart and then floated a section of my previous piecing in shocking bright fuchsia recycled silk (I believe it was recycled home decor fabric, and yes it was found at a thrift shop!):


But is this the Fourth and Final Leg of the Journey? I did give Betty Anne a small bag of remaining recycled silk scraps. Will she make something from them someday and keep it going??!?!?!

Feature image credit: Dragan Sasic, free

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