Pinwheel Piecing Party

Saturday I hung out with my friend Betty Anne and we had a “Pinwheel Piecing Party” in her home studio.

Betty Anne is one of my quilting mentors who introduced me to the magical world of fabric scraps and using them to create intuitively pieced improvisational quilts. She also introduced me to rescuing discarded blocks and bits and piecing from other quilters’ projects.

Betty Anne has a lovely improvisational quilt hanging in her home that she made from bits and pieces left over from other projects, scraps (hers and other quilters) and recycled blocks (there are cream and orange 4-patchs that are recycled blocks/scraps from a quilt I made 12 years ago and had in my scraps stash that she adopted!):

Betty Anne Guadalupe, Guadalupe Designs


I fell completely in love with the pinwheels sprinkled through this improvisational quilt and wanted to make some.

But let me back up…

Betty Anne and I had not had a chance to get together for a “Sew Day” in a long time. I was so excited have a “Sew Saturday” at her home studio (she sets up a sewing machine for me) and I did not arrive to her house empty handed:

2016-11-05_10-20-14_227 (2016-11-07T01_20_18.281)   (2016-11-07T01_20_43.366).jpeg

A package of scraps? Not just any scraps – a package of trimmed triangles from other quilters’ projects (some friends of mine sent me a package when I told them Betty Anne pieces small triangles into 1.5 inch blocks – no scrap left behind!).

Within the first house of our Sew Day she had pieced many of the scrap triangles into pinwheels!


For my Sew Day project, Betty Anne handed me a bag of Moda triangle scraps that she had already pieced into 1.5 inch blocks, so I could make them into pinwheel blocks.

Sitting on the floor, I laid them out on the rug to play with:


I turned them into a Pile-o-Pinwheels!


They are kind of addicting to make and I have more in the works:


No, I do not know what I am going to do with all those pinwheels but I will have them available for when the design for the piece they would be perfect for appears in my mind!


Betty Anne is friends with the lovely Innkeeper, Elizabeth, at the Crooked River Inn, a wonderful Bed & Breakfast and we stopped by for a tour on Saturday.

Here is their website with an engaging in-depth tour the Inn – and their Facebook page – Crooked River Inn.

The Innkeeper, who just opened the Inn earlier this year, did an incredible remodel of an early 20th century farmhouse. The property and the house are amazing. She has chickens and serves her guests farm fresh eggs.

Also she bakes fresh cookies everyday. While we stopped by, even though she did not currently have guests, she was baking cookies! She was making several batches of cookies for the gentlemen tending to her yard maintenance!


And yes, she let me sample a cookie!

If you happen to be visiting Central Oregon, a recommend a stay at this incredible Bed & Breakfast.


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