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Creative Inspiration: Fall Foliage

Continuing my ongoing series on sources of creative inspiration, I want to share my love for the colors of Fall and the beautiful fall foliage of Central Oregon.

In January 2016, I posted about the austere beauty of Winter Trees –  Well, before they become “Winter Trees” first, they are beautiful “Fall Trees“!

I love the deep oranges, reds, yellow and browns of the turning leaves. I took a series of photos over the past couple weeks for future quilt palette inspiration:img_5335img_5345img_5342img_2740img_5346img_5399img_5397img_5339

And speaking of creative inspiration – I came across an interesting quote in the book Inspired: how creative people think work and find inspiration by Dorte Nielsen and Kiki Hartman:

When creativity kicks in, a large amount of resistance inevitably also comes with it.

– Carouschka Streijffert

Inspire is one of the books from my The Library (Mega) Stack that I shared in an October 2016 post. I am about halfway through that stack of library books!

That is an interesting quote to mull over, eh? I would love to hear what you think that quote means in the Comments section.


A couple of random follow up items…

  • In my post Fabulous Thrifting Fabric Find! I shared how I took down from the wall and donated a framed poster about Solitude, as I was ready to move on. Well, I did not share what I put up in its place. Business Casual (originally titled He Dresses Up, He Dresses Down is now hanging in my entryway. It is a recycled fabric art quilt made from old denim jeans, wool scraps (Pendleton® Wool clothing and blankets) and scraps from mens suiting manufacturing.

2016-11-06_13-23-51_083 (2016-11-07T00_48_20.149).jpeg

  • In several recent posts, I shared that I listened to the audiobook, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The first time I listened to this audiobook it was an emotional experience as there were a lot of truths I was hearing and trying to absorb. I listened with tears running down my cheeks for several sections of this audiobook. Well I decided to listen to it again (it is only a couple hours long) and this time there were no tears, there was only a great sense of peace and deeper understanding of The Four Agreements. On my second listen, I discovered that I had not fully grasped the First Agreement: “Be Impeccable with Your Word”. I thought this agreement was focused on keeping your word, being true to your word. It is actually focused on being careful with the words that come out of your mouth and the power of words – to hurt and to heal.


  • In the post When all else fails, reorganize your fabric scraps I shared an interesting except from the audiobook – Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by  Bill Burnett and Dave Evans on “Gravity Problems”. Later in the audiobook, the authors discuss another type of problem that gets you in the way of moving forward – “Anchor Problems“. As the authors describe – “Anchor Problems are like a physical anchor, they hold us in one place and prevent motion…” I am really enjoying this book and nearly at the end of this inspiring listen! Here is another gem (quote) from this book:

Anchor problems keep us stuck because we can only see one solution – the one we already have that doesn’t work. Anchor problems…are really about the fear that, no matter what else we try, that won’t work either…


Anchor Photo credit – Nicholas Sales, free

13 thoughts on “Creative Inspiration: Fall Foliage”

  1. The anchor comment really is hitting home right now – literally. My mom was admitted to hospice care. I’m headed north to see her this weekend, probably for the last time. I’m anchored in the past right now, thinking of so many memories I had of her as a child. I’ll let go of the anchor…in time. Right now it’s helping to keep me grounded.


  2. A beautiful and thoughtful post. That is really an interesting quote about creativity. I think I interpret that quote as speaking to the multiple states that a project or process involves – the feeling that a lot is at stake, the fear of confronting our own limitations, and the unknown. I think that creativity is sometimes a form of courage and, depending on our situation, it can be easier (or not) to muster up. Thanks, too, for sharing the pictures of those luminous trees. Fall is glorious, isn’t it?

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  3. I was struck by your third picture from the top – and what got me was the negative space created by the beautiful blue sky, seen through those dappled golden yellow leaves. It inspired me to try to create something a bit abstract. I like thinking about how Mondrian was laying under a tree, looking at the sky, when he began to notice the space “between” the leaves – like your 3rd picture down. He created a painting based on those observations.
    Regarding the quote – to me it speaks to that moment of sheer dread – that what I have “seen” in my mind’s eye, won’t turn out when made up. It is a fear of the unknown, a fear of failure, and likely a fear of appearing to be a fraud – something I think many of us feel at time to time.
    I have that book, The Four Agreements, and must re-read it – I think I had just too many books at one time, and did not give it the time it needed to sink in. Your post inspired me to get it out and re-read it.
    I just want to let you know that your posts are inspiring, give me courage to continue to create – whether or not I’m successful is a product of how I define “success” – and it is not monetary success or fame or quilt show prizes that I’m after. Success to me, means that I feel good about what I created, had a lot of fun doing it, and it moved me enough to just keep on trudging through.
    Thank you for sharing with us. I’m working on a new blog, as my old one just sort of died. I felt I had nothing to say. Maybe I still don’t, but what the heck – I’ll give it a try. Will let you know when it is up and running.

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  4. Oh my goodness Jesse I think you nailed for me the feeling of dread that this quote on creativity evoked! I have a huge series of art quilts I want to do, I have it sketched out but I am in sheer terror to start!

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments and that you found some of the fall foliage photos inspiring. I look forward to your new blog (don’t give up blogging you have lots to say) and it means a lot to know my writing is useful and meaningful to someone (huge smile)!


  5. When I read the quote by Carouschka Streijffert, my immediate thought( without having the context of the words) was to think that people don’t like change and when you have a never before tried idea that people will be resistant to it. Then I remembered something from years before that I came across talking about the qualities of effective leaders. Great leaders are always about 6mos ahead of everyone else in their thinking, then they have to deal with resistance along the way to achieve their vision (something like that anyway). Interesting quote…can’t wait to hear what it’s really about. (I haven’t read the other comments yet.)

    Also in response to “Be impeccable with your word,” I know another famous quote: The power of life and death is in the tongue.

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    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments Feisty! That is a great quote: “The power of life and death is in the tongue.” It is true on so many levels (from a dictator being able to sentence a political prisoner to death with their words, to hurting someone you love with unkind words). Also thanks for your thoughts on the quote by Carouschka Streijffert (I was having fun while writing the post to try and guess how her name is correctly pronounced) – that is another great interpretation!

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