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The Library (Mega) Stack

I may have gone overboard this time on the number of books I borrowed today from our public library.

I am continuing my series on sharing a photo of the books I borrow from my public library – The Library Stack.

There is something very exciting to me about a new stack of freshly borrowed books awaiting my reading and browsing while I sip my tea and/or have a snack in my favorite cozy reading spot.

Here is the latest stack of 17 books:


I am not sure which book to start with – I have them arranged by size for the photo but that is not necessarily the order in which I will start reading the books. Maybe I am weird but I am filled with bubbling happy anticipation on working through this stack! (Yes, if you have followed my blog of awhile, you have figured out I am weird.)

Several of the books – Tiny Homes on the Move, Cabin Porn, and Dresden Carnival are books I have borrowed previously but I want to look at again.

I do not work on Mondays and I met a friend for coffee this morning (I had tea of course!). After a hour chatting over hot beverages, it was time for a leisurely wander of the aisles of our downtown public library!

I will share in a future post if I gain any earth shattering revelations from this stack!

(If you would like to see the previous stacks, check out the Category – The Library Stack for the other posts.)


15 thoughts on “The Library (Mega) Stack”

  1. Ohh, I just love to wander through the library too! Our library has so many quilting/crafting/cooking books and I always browse through the new books section first. I just checked out “Mixing Quilt Elements” and found a TON of inspiration in this book AND her photos are an added bonus!

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    1. Actually one of our local teachers, Janet, is going to be teaching a class, sanctioned by the author, on making one of the quilts from Mixing Quilt Elements, at the Stichin Post in Sisters, OR. I am definitely going to try and take the class!


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