A Crafter's Life

Quilts for the Quilter (and Crafts for the Crafter)

If you are a quilter (or any type of crafter), likely you make handmade gifts for others. How often does someone make a handmade gift for you?

I know many quilters who make quilts for others but have not had a quilt made for them. A couple of years ago my annual quilt retreat buddies decided we would remedy this, and I decided we would draw names and make a quilt for a secret quilt sister to be unveiled at the next annual retreat.

It was so exciting to receive a quilt from another quilter as a gift. Here is the quilt I received from my secret quilt sister, Kathy. I keep this quilt (you can tell it has been laundered a couple times) on my reading chair:


This is not the first quilt made for me by another quilter, I was lucky enough years ago to have a quilt made for me by my friend Judy (who originally got me into quilting). I keep this quilt up in my studio and the colors make me feel happy and inspire my creativity:


Another sweet item that my quilter friend Judy made me, that I keep in my studio, is a little quilted wallhanging meant to represent us hanging out together shopping for fabric (not that we would ever engage in such costly activities!):


When our beloved miniature schnauzer Fritz passed away, my friend Betty Anne made this lovely recycled silk wallhanging in honor of Fritz’s memory called Zebra Moon, which is now part of our joint The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection.zebra_moon-e1399179353531.jpgIn addition to quilter friends who have made me quilts, I am fortunate to have a crafter friend (paper crafts), Michele, who made me this lovely wall art many years before I ever received a handmade quilt! It has been on display in my home for many, many, years:


I love to give handmade gifts and I also love to receive them. I appreciate the time, love, and workmanship goes into making something by hand!