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Exploring My Inner Ansel Adams (Lake Tahoe)

On the first day visiting our friends Kathy and Matt in Northern California, they took us to Lake Tahoe, an area I’ve never seen before. While in Lake Tahoe I took many Black and White photographs.

I’ve titled this post “Exploring My Inner Ansel Adams” as Ansel Adams is one of the most famous/renown B&W photographers. If you are not familiar with him I linked his bio here – Ansel Adams, Photographer.

As mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on Lake Tahoe that I linked above, “is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States”. Ansel Adams was renown for his amazing B&W photos in the Sierra Nevada.

So here is my photo essay in B&W of my first visit to Lake Tahoe (and there was a cool fog/mist above part of the lake).


Let me know which # photo you like the best in the comments below! I numbered the photos in the comment field below each image.

44 thoughts on “Exploring My Inner Ansel Adams (Lake Tahoe)”

  1. I’m in the14 camp too. I enjoyed this post so much because I have actually been here. We drove round the entire lake, and I thought what a lovely place it was to live. Don’t know that I have ever shared my pictures, maybe I’ll write a post. Thank you.

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  2. They are beautiful and definitely channelling Ansel Adams. I do sometimes wonder about Mr Adams and how he did such an amazing job on film and cameras that where so finicky to operate. Can you imagine what he’d would have been able to do with a modern SLR.

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  3. I love Ansel Adams – I think his work and a few of his photojournalism contemporaries were really what got me to start really thinking more about photography. Your shots are great – and I love the ‘photoessay as a blog post’ – might steal that idea at some point!

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