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Up, Down, and Up Again

First of my mini kimonos to sell.
First of my mini kimonos to sell.

Last Friday I got some thrilling news: a local shop enthusiastically agreed to carry my kimonos on commission in their shop. We even talked about them being displayed on a Christmas tree in the shop. I was overwhelmed with excitement and shared this wonderful news with family and friends. I spent the next week after work, some times late into the evening, getting my kimonos ready to deliver to the shop the following Friday (today). In my fervor of excitement, I made a couple new kimonos using beautiful holiday fabrics and a couple kimonos with new Asian fabric I just purchased, to add to those to be displayed at the shop. I was feeling very UP – I was flying with anticipation of my first opportunity to market to the public and sell my kimonos- they  would be on display and for sale during the holiday shopping season!

This morning I called the shop to set up a time to deliver them and the shop owner abruptly informed me that it would not work out, the shop would not be able to carry my kimonos. The shop owner’s reasons were not clear and I was not sure what went wrong. CRASH! I was now feeling very DOWN, so much that my eyes filled with tears. I also felt an overwhelming sense of embarrassment from sharing prematurely with friends and family my news of a local shop carrying my kimonos.

Now an hour later, after talking with my husband and then a close friend, I am feeling UP again. Not only did their support help, I realized that whenever you venture out there in life, whenever you take a risk – there is bound to be some disappointment and some “failure”. That is just the way life works. I realized that what I have done this past week is get the kimonos fully ready for sale…and this now means they are ready for listing on Etsy (and getting my Etsy shop up and running!).  I bear no ill will towards the shop owner and respect that it just did not work for them. I actually thank them for giving me an impetus to get the kimonos sale ready and tagged!

I love quotes, and here is a quote that keeps inspiring me:

“You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt 

8 thoughts on “Up, Down, and Up Again”

  1. Tierney, The people that I have observed that are successful at these ventures seem to explore a lot of different avenues. Some work, some don’t. It seems to depend on the personality of the owners, their market and jpw the product fits their venue. Perseverence seems to be the key, and not letting the things that don’t work discourage you. Keep at it sister. Pam



  2. I think I would have done the same thing! At least making the supply of kimonos and telling my friends. I’m not always so good at seeing a bright side after a disappointment, though I try.

    Once a long time ago there was a craft consignment store that opened in my small town. I made a pillow which sold in a day. I made up about 20 more, though she had a limit of how many one person could display. So I kept making and storing. Never sold another one. Had lots of gifts made ahead. (It was before the days of Etsy).

    A friend pointed me to your blog; I’ll be following.


    1. Yes I wonder if I will end up with lots of future kimono gifts – ha – soon my friends and family will think “oh please let those sell on Etsy so she will stop giving us kimonos for every occasion!”


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