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What’s on the Design Wall: Making Progress?


In my post What’s on the Design Wall: Rescued Blocks II  I shared that a quilter friend gave me a cool stack of batik freely pieced abstract fabric blocks that she no longer wanted to work on, and a pile of coordinating scraps of fabric.  I was planning to combine those blocks and scraps with a couple trees stamped on batik fabrics, from a fabric surface design workshop I took earlier this year.

Here is what I started with:


After playing with the pieced blocks and assorted scraps for awhile, I decided to create 12.5 inch blocks. I am aiming for 15 blocks, so far I have 8. I am looking into non-traditional block settings once I complete the 15 (or more blocks).

Here is what it looks like now (so far):

in progress
in progress

Occasionally I wish I had a larger design wall to put more blocks up on during the design process, but I can use the top of a bed to continue my design layout when I have 15 blocks (or more). All sorts of ideas have been running through my mind (the fun of designing a piece) such as spacing out the blocks by setting them at wide intervals in a neutral fabric, etc. We will see how it turns out and of course I will post future photos!


I love good quotes! I came across this quote the other day that made me smile and reflect:

“Continual is the journey: Past sunset towards morning.” – Willis Eberman

Is this quote referring to my marathon art quilt design sessions where I lose track of time? Or perhaps my ongoing journey on my “tierneycreates” path!

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