Some Progress Made…

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In an earlier post The Quilting Husband Saga Continues, I lament over the fact that I need to do the binding for three of the quilts that Terry, The Quilting Husband, got back from the professional long-arm quilter.

Here is an update – a wee bit of progress has been made. Terry did create folded 2 1/2 bindings strips for two of the quilts and is working on the binding strip for the third quilt. So here are two of the quilts waiting for their binding to magically be put on.

Yes I will go to bed tonight and in the am I will discover that the Binding Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, etc. appeared during my slumber and not only sewed on the bindings but also sewed the binding down! (I am very thoughtful and have left the binding strips draped over the quilts, all ready for the magical creatures to get to work!)

Okay, maybe no magical creatures are coming during the night to take care of the binding, sigh. My main issue is I would rather be designing and piecing a quilt than finishing one.

I think it might be a summer thing and I am just not in the mood to sit for a long spell and sew down binding will sitting under a quilt.

Alright – enough whining – I will get the three bindings done. Sometime soon…

By the way, our long-arm quilter has informed me she has two more of The Quilting Husband’s quilts quilted and will be delivering them soon (look of panic).

4 thoughts on “Some Progress Made…”

  1. My two least favorite “steps” are pinning for quilting and binding. Sometimes all that gets the binding finished is an upcoming show, a deadline for a charity, or even he finish it Friday linkies. The latter only work if I am very close and it seems easy to finish by Friday. Love the quilt in the photo.

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  2. Call your life line, your famous binding critiquer, Lisa Boyer-Miller. Maybe she will show up and surprise you.. She recruited you 1 time in the past I believe. Good luck I have a few waiting for those fairies and gnomes as well.

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