Playing with a Theme

In case you have been wondering why recently each time you read one of my posts, my blog looks completely different…

“And Now for Something Completely Different.” – Monty Python’s Flying Circus, 1971

A couple weeks ago I had a late night “blog disaster” (note to self: never post late at night).

I use WordPress as my blogging platform and I use one of the lovely free blog theme templates they offer. I had done some nice customization when I set up my blog in 2013 and all was lost one night in the Great Blog Crisis of 2015.

I could return to my original WordPress blog theme template but it looks pretty stark and dull without the special customization. I do have the option of paying for my customization to return, but alas the word “free” is more appealing, ha!

So I have been experimenting over the last couple weeks on new blog theme templates. We’ll see which one sticks for me or maybe I will stop being so cheap and pay to have my previous customization back.


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