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Dark Cabinet of Mystery

There is nothing on the Design Wall and the sewing machine is cold…

We all have those stretches on “non-creatvity” and I am hopefully on the tail end of one of those stretches right now. I have however continued with my side project of decluttering and scaling back my life as discussed in previous posts.  I decided to take on THE DARK CABINET OF MYSTERY

Don’t be afraid to peek in (and then reach inside)…

Mysterious Dark Cabinet in my kitchen
I know I am not alone – many people have those drawers or cabinets “of mystery” in which you never peek unless you really, really, really need to find something (and you strongly suspect, unfortunately, it is in THERE).

Most of the time you just throw something in there and quickly close the door without looking too hard to see what has gathered inside.

I have started working on what I call my Dark Cabinet of Mystery in the corner of my kitchen. It is an oddly shaped cabinet and has angle that reaches into…another dimension? A break in the “space-time continuum”? A wormhole?  I actually asked my husband to just reach into the cabinet and pull everything out.

(I figured if something grabbed him when he reached in, I could retrieve the dogs quickly and run out of the house)

Well everything got pulled out, and my husband survived emptying the cabinet. Below is what was inside and it is obvious that I kept thinking: “oh I need to save this glass jar”, “I probably really need to save this glass jar”, “not sure if I have enough glass jars”…

In addition to a large supply of empty glass jars I discovered I had a springform (aka cheesecake pan) which I have never used since buying it like 20 years ago; and I have an electric carving knife used once or twice in the 15+ years I have owned. I also have an entire extra set of flatware.

All the things discovered inside the cabinet of mystery
All the things discovered inside the cabinet of mystery
Now I have to decide what to keep and what to recycle (hint the numerous glass jars) or donate. I also need to decide the future of the Dark Cabinet of Mystery…

Maybe I should just have the Dark Cabinet of Mystery professionally sealed up…especially if creatures from other dimensions find a way to slip in through a portal likely in one of its dark corners..

14 thoughts on “Dark Cabinet of Mystery”

  1. (singing) Who’re you gonna call? *Dark Busters!*
    Dubbi dubi dub doo-bi doo-bi dubi…… *Dark Busters!*

    It almost sounded like you were disappointed that nothing happened to poor Terry.
    He must have been Terry-fied!
    … I’ll see myself out…

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  2. Alas, I identify with the empty glass jar syndrome! My mom used to call that kind of closet the Fiber McGee closet after a radio show, Fiber McGee and Molly. Seems they had a closet, opened at least once during any program, and sound effects would have the noise of items tumbling out to the floor. I don’t remember ever hearing the show itself.

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  3. I had a disturbing number of glass jars myself when I moved. Seriously, it was something like two boxes of them. And a strange amount of very small ones… as if I imagined some very specific use for small glass jars… Imagine if you will that your Dark Cabinet of Mystery had been wormholed to my former cabinet! And some of the larger ones escaped my cabinet to yours!! Actually, that would be awesome — could you try crawling through your dark portal and let me know when you do? I’ll look for you here on this side…

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    1. That is so exceptional Michele (I nearly soiled myself laughing) – yes we might have a wormhole where our glass jars have been traveling back and forth bending time and space. Watch for my arm peeking out of your cabinet! 🙂


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