Panel Quilt

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My sister loves wolves and I wanted to make her a quick quilt for the holidays. She and her family have been the recipient of many quilts from me over the years. These quilts were more complicated and elaborate quilts that a “panel quilts”.

She loves wolves and I came across this wolf panel a couple months ago and knew it would be an easy quilt to make that would give her a big smile! I finally realized that not every quilt made as a gift needs to be a major project, it is okay to do something quick but thoughtful!

The photo is not the best as I took it in a rush before packaging it up to send it across the country.

She already opened up her gift and loves it, so I can share.


2 thoughts on “Panel Quilt”

  1. Who cares whether some would think it’s a cheater quilt or not. All that counts is that you enjoyed making it and the recipient is thrilled. I’m thinking of making my first quilt using a panel for a very deserving recipient. Who knows where the first one will lead.

    Great job! I think it looks awesome!

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