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Happy “Schnolidays”

Every year our Miniature Schnauzers begrudgingly endure an annual holiday photo in front of the Schnauzer (and Dog) Themed Christmas Tree.

This year I want to share this photo (usually taken in poor light while trying to keep the dogs still by bribing them with biscuits) with my readers and wish you all HAPPY SCHNOLIDAYS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Best Wishes,

Tierney of tierneycreates, Terry (aka “Terry the Quilting Husband”), Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer (Schnauzer Snips) and Mike



Mike: “Seriously, do they do this to us every year?!?!”

Sassy: “Yes and just wait till I write my Schnauzer Snips blog entry about it! Call PETA!”



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