Finnish Fabric Fever!

I love Marimekko Fabric.

Thanks to my dear friend in NYC whose partner is Finnish and travels to Finland at least once a year, I am starting to amass a nice collection of Marimekko Fabric. This Finnish fabric is boldly colored and has large scale and unique modern and Scandinavian designs. I find it so visually pleasing!

I am so completely in love with this fabric that if I were to visit Finland, I would have to bring a large empty suitcase just for my Marimekko Fabric purchases at the outlet in Helsinki!

My friend only is only able to send me a little at a time (she bring back from Finland only what she can transport in her suitcase with her other items). However,  I recently discovered that in NYC there is a Marimekko Flagship store! Next time I visit my friend in NYC, I will have to insist her take me there! I am not sure she will be able to get me out of the store (no, no, no I will remember my commitment to buying less stuff and living with less…maybe…the Marimekko store may need to be an exception).

Below is a photo of my collection to date:


Confession: This fabric is so “precious” I have to admit I have only made one thing with the fabric so far: a small zippered bag for my friend who sends me the fabric.

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