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No Limits, No Boundaries

Update on my collaboration project – we are expanding our concept and getting a new site!

The Wardrobe Meets the Wall

Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe have decide to enlarge the scope of their collaboration. They have enjoyed focusing on art quilts with recycled garment making materials and recycled clothing, but they do not want their collaboration to be limited to just those mediums.

The Wardrobe Meets the Wall will be expanded into Art Quilts by Guadalupe & Hogan. 

Tierney and Betty Anne are working on a new website and blog on the squarespace platform. They were inspired by their fellow Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) member, Kristin Shields, who has a wonderful website and blog on squarespace –

In addition to clothing (“wardrobe”) based art quilts, Betty Anne and Tierney are making art quilts using rescued and recycled blocks from other quilters; and art quilts from new materials such as quilt shop purchased fabrics!  (Recycled materials are wonderful to use but as quilters…

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