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“They’re Baaaack”

Do you remember that iconic line from the preview to that great film of the 1980s – Poltergeist II?

So, I posted a while back in the post The End of an Era: Goodbye to Making Miniature Kimonos that I was done with making miniature kimonos.

Let’s just say it is a person’s prerogative to be able to change their minds

If you never change your mind, why have one? – Edward de Bono

A couple weeks ago, one of my wonderful tierneycreates Etsy shop customers, who has been very supportive of my miniature kimonos, asked for some new kimono color and fabric options. She was so enthusiastic about my miniature kimonos, I got enthusiastic about them again and made a fresh new batch:

They’re Baaaack!

23 new kimonos in total. Currently I am busy adding buttons and finishing details, eventually they will get posted to my tierneycreates Etsy shop.

I have been negligent with my Etsy shop for a couple months now due to work and other life  related things. I am working on new offerings and refreshing current offerings.

I do not expect my tierneycreates Etsy shop to ever become a “quit your day job” kind of thing (it is more of a fun hobby) but I really enjoy connecting with people across North America (I have Canadian customers too!) and adding a little “fusion of textiles & smiles” to peoples’ lives!

7 thoughts on ““They’re Baaaack””

  1. Since I’m new on your blog/Etsy shop, I’m just now seeing these…and they’re just delightful! I can see how you might need to keep making them. Very neat. I am making good progress on my quilt using the gelato green fabric I got from you but can’t blog about it yet. I want to send you a pic and can’t locate address other than blog posting. So please email me and I’ll save your email address where I can find it!

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  2. I had a thought – if you have quilt blocks left over from projects, could you simply sew two together back to back, plus an inner lining, to make a quilt pouch? Maybe it’s already been invented a million times, but I liked the idea.

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    1. That is a great idea as a non quilter Torben! Yes I have seen that done in the past and used for tote bags and purses too! I think of that too with leftover quilt blocks 🙂


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