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“Self-Help” From My Family

Curious title for this post, eh?

For the first several years of my tierneycreates blog I shared reviews and excerpts from an endless stream of audiobooks in the genre “self-help” or “self-improvement” (I was obsessed with this genre). This genre could also be called “personal motivation” and “personal growth”. (If you would like to read my reviews/discussions of some of these books, check out my blog post Category “Audiobooks and Podcasts“)

Recently my incredibly awesome younger brother, Raoul Davis, Jr., along with two colleagues, has published a book in this genre called Firestarters: How Innovators, Instigators, and Initiators Can Inspire You to Ignite Your Own Life (2018). 

2018-01-10_06-19-40_008 (2018-01-10T18_12_01.448).jpeg

Yes – one of my family members has written a “self-help” book!

I was so excited when I received a copy last week (I ordered it from amazon to support the sales of this book rather than try to get a free copy from my brother) in the mail.

Yes, I wish it was an audiobook, but I plan to actually sit and read the hard copy version book! The book is currently available on in Kindle and paperback version.

Oh and not meaning to violate any copyright laws, here is a little snapshot of my brother’s wonderful “Acknowledgements” section in the book:


If you want to read a little more about our father, Raoul Davis, Sr., here is a blog post I did about him – Creative Inspiration: Stories My Father Told Me. Our parents have both passed but I am very lucky to have two amazing siblings!


I plan to return to blogging about my crafting adventures in the near future.

In case you do not follow my other blog, Improvisational Textiles: A Collaborative Art Quilting Journey, here are a couple recent posts on the Improvisational Textiles blog about my art quilts and my addition to the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture’s Ethnic Artist Roster:

Never set limits, go after your dreams, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. And laugh a lot – it’s good for you!

– Paula Radcliffe

27 thoughts on ““Self-Help” From My Family”

  1. Congratulations to your brother and to you for providing him with support! It truly is an awesome accomplishment! I look forward to your eventual return to blogging. It takes time to heal though…so don’t be in a hurry. 🙂

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  2. Time to heal? I’ve been out of the loop for a week or more. Did I miss something?

    Congrats to your brother. It must be fun for you, too, to be able to read his words on something so important to you.

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  3. Congratulations to your brother on his new book… And I’m sure it’s nice to see your name in the acknowledgements too! I just went back to read your post about your dad as well – what an inspirational guy!

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  4. This is epic! it’s amazing to see when you’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life! congrats to your brother! How long did it take him to write this book?

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I think he worked on the book for a couple years with his colleagues. He kept it a secret from his sisters until it was near close to publication 🙂


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