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Quilt Retreat Animals

This morning I thought it would be fun to share a post from the tierneycreates archives from my annual May Quilting Retreat with my Quilting Sisters from Oregon, Washington and California.

It is nearing the time again for the annual May Retreat and just realized I need to start preparing and thinking about what projects to bring!


Continuing my series of posts on the annual Sew N Go Quilt Retreat in Vancouver, WA I recently attended. If you are starting with this post, here are links to the previous posts:

I am not sure if Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer would approve of this post as there were on dogs at the quilt retreat, only horses and cats.


Sew N Go Quilt Retreat is located in a very rural area of Vancouver, WA. The retreat center itself is on acreage and is surrounded by farms. Several times a day some of the quilt retreaters, including myself,  would go on walks around the area – up to 4+ miles per day walking!

While walking we would visit with several groups of horses we discovered hanging out in pastures in area farms. The first day we ran into the horses, we were surprised how the boldly they came over to the edge of their fence to see us. So the next day we were ready with apples!


(Several of my fellow quilt retreaters were on Weight Watchers and watching their “points”. We joked as we fed the horses apples: “No worries horseys, zero points!”)

A horse from the pasture/farm next to the one above:


Next thing we knew, we had two horses, from two different pastures side by side visiting with us and greeting each other through their fences:


The long walks and the visits with the horses were are delightful break from our sewing marathons at the quilt retreat!


On one of our walks, we were invited by owners of a local farm to come onto their farm and chat. It turned out that several of them were originally from NY like my quilting sister Kathy and myself.

On their farm we met “Heshe” (he-she) – a cat of unknown gender. I do not remember the entire story but when they adopted Heshe as a barn kitty, they could not determine if it was a “he” or a “she”! Heshe was a very sweet a friendly orange tabby:

But the cat star of the 4-day retreat weekend was my beloved “Abbey the Quilt Retreat Kitty” (she should have her own blog!)


During the retreat, Nancy the quilt retreat host, needed to give Abbey some medications.

Cats, as explained by one of my quilting sisters who is a veterinarian, are difficult to get to swallow pills. Cats do not fall for the tricks dogs fall for (hiding pills in peanut butter, cheese, etc.) and so you have to find a way to get the pill to the back of the cats throat so they will automatically swallow it.

So Abbey was made into a “kitty burrito” to restrain her paws as she was given meds. She calmly and quietly accepted her kitty burrito status but still found a way to spit out her pill! It might have been because a group of quilters were standing around cracking up laughing at how adorable Abbey looked as a burrito!


Each year at the retreat I look forward to hanging out with Abbey, and she knows it. She knows I am “one of her people”. I always find time to snuggle with her and give her lots of attention.

Abbey and I took a lovely nap together, with her sleeping behind my pillow and quietly purring against my head. I could not believe how soothing and meditative it was to listen to her purring.



There was one dog at the quilt retreat, but it was not a live dog. It was a dog quilt – an adorable pattern – “Dogs in Sweaters” by Elizabeth Hartman:


Next post, how about some evidence that actual sewing occurred during the quilt retreat? Maybe (smile).

If you’d like to read the post that followed this one here is the link:

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  1. The orange cat is most likely male. The genetics required to get an orange cat are related to the genetics in calicos.

    75% of orange cats are male.
    99% of calico cats are female.

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  2. I am so excited to see what 4 legged critters we run into on our journey this week. This brought a smile to my face with anticipated excitement that we shall have at Miss Nancy’s.
    See you soon.

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  3. Mike is not sure if he can agree to these Quilting Retreats because of the fur things he saw published here . Hmmmm.

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  4. Great post – I remember this! 🙂 How wonderful it is to look forward to this crafting event each year – it looks like the perfection combination of relaxing getaway and productive maker-time!
    Happy Prepping for this year’s get-together! 🙂

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