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Greetings from Colorado

Hello Blogging Buddies! Long time no hear, right?

Well I’ve been busy settling into my home in the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area (if you are new to this blog see my series of post “Colorado Bound“). Now I am ready to return to blogging about my Colorado, crafting and other adventures.

First Visitors

So far I’ve had four visitors since I’ve moved to Colorado.

My first visitor was my brother Raoul, who was in Denver for a business meeting the same day I moved into my apartment! So along with my friends Jason, Michele and Blair, he helped unpack me! I forgot to take photos during his brief one day visit, so none to share.

My second visitor was my sister and we had fun taking my miniature Mike in his backpack into downtown Denver via the light rail and wander around sightseeing. Here is my sister Rianna with Mike her back:

2019-05-02_11-53-15_0872019-05-01_16-59-03_034My sister (by the way I have one sister and one brother and we are all very close) is exceptionally fun and we had a blast during her visit.

She enjoys shopping adventures and we even took Mike with us to a store called Nordstroms Rack and made him go shoe shopping with us!


We also both enjoy going to thrift shops (see my series of posts Thrift Shop Adventures) and had a laugh at these shoes we found at a thrift shop chain store called Buffalo Exchange:


These shoes would be perfect for running, don’t you agree??!?!?!

My sister is exceptionally more glamorous than me, and here we are attending Trivia Night at a local pub (we came in last place in trivia but had a blast):

My sister on left, me on right (note we’ve been drinking adult beverages all evening, ha!)

My third visitor was my “Quilting Sister” Dana who was visiting her daughter who also lives in the Greater Denver Metro area. I will have a separate post about that visit as we had a wonderful outing to a very cool crafting shop!

But here is a preview (Dana craft shop shopping):


My fourth visitor was my friend Jenny who came for a long weekend. She is very outdoor adventurous so we went for a short hike in the Flatiron mountain area of Boulder, Colorado as well as explored downtown Boulder.

Here are photos from our hike/wander about Chautauqua Park:


I love this series of photos I took as Jenny took in the amazing views:


Here we are wandering around the Pearl Street Mall area in Boulder, Colorado:


My next visitor will be my original “Quilting Sister” Judy – the woman who taught me how to quilt. She visits in August.

I will be busy traveling a bit in July but I am going to plan to attempt (that sounds so committed doesn’t it?) to keep up with my blog and also catch up on the blogs I follow.


Are you surprised that my tierneycreates Beastie (see Beastie Adventures) has not stepped in and written a post? She has been busy herself and she will have a future post of her adventures in the future.

Oh and yes, this is primarily a quilting/crafting blog and perhaps someday I will share a post about such topics (smile).

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  1. Yeah, I’d noticed the silence. Glad you are making good use of your time. I always try to treat an area where I live as if I were a tourist, and it looks like you are too. Looking forward to more exporations as well as more quilts. 🙂

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  2. You need time to explore, and how great to have had some company to explore with you. That picture of Mike in the basket at the shoe store–that’s a pretty disgruntled look. Hope you didn’t stay in there long. He wanted to be out with the wind in his hair!

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    1. If I bought those shoes I would be going in marathons with them of course – ha! Thanks for reading and someday I hope to catch up on your posts and see the 10,000 things you’ve made since I last read your post – ha! 🙂

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  3. I am #TeamMike all day but . . . Can we take a moment and just appreciate and reflect on your sister’s hair.

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  4. Mike in a backpack!!! I want a poster of that :)) I was wondering where you doodled off to and now I know. Looks like a great time with fun visitors, although I’m disappointed you weren’t wearing those shoes in the hiking photos. By the way, your sister’s hair is beyond cute (not as cute as Mike in the backpack, but close)!

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    1. Yes he really likes his new backpack. My sister says thanks on the hair and yes it is pretty fabulous 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and someday I will catch up on your posts 🙂

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  5. Looks like you are settling in nicely in your new (beautiful!) State. Perhaps your July travels will take you to Sisters in a few weeks? I’ll be looking for you there!

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  6. Hey there Tierney! Welcome back! I can see why you haven’t been around… So many activities! It’s great to see you’re well and looking truly at home in your beautiful new city. More at home than Mike was in the shoe store, anyway 😀

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  7. Wow, great words and pictures. You and your sister are beautiful and both have great hair!!!! Your photos brought a smile to my face. I look forward to a future visit to Denver , to visit Tierney and Mikes new home. 2020? Hugs

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