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The (Ridiculously Large) Library Stack


I might have overdone it this time with my public library stack:


Last time I had an entry my ongoing series, The Library Stack, sharing my stack of borrowed books from my local public library was May 2019, 6 months ago.

As I shared in my August 19th post, Morning Walk in Black and White, this summer I moved from my apartment to a house sharing situation – 35 miles away but still in the greater Denver metropolitan area.

When I moved, I had to change libraries as I moved to a new county. I really liked my public library in the first area of Denver, Colorado in which I lived (see post New Library in My Life!) and I was bummed to leave the sweet little library I could walk to.

My current library at my new housing situation is not too bad (and I can walk to it), the only thing is they do not have a good selection of crafting or home decor books (two of my favorite genres to borrow from the library).

However I discovered their online interlibrary loan system across the entire Denver metro area (numerous counties) and BAM – I now have access to lots of great titles.

Unfortunately I went a little “online-borrowing-request-crazy” and put too many books on hold at the same time through the online interlibrary loan system.

And they all came in at once…

Here is the new stack of the interlibrary loan books (they were quite the cumbersome stack to carry out of the library after check out):


And here is the existing stack I already had at the house of library books:


So when you combine them together you get this: The Ridiculously Large Library Stack!


I was not even sure when to store all 18 books I have out on library loan.

Storing them in the sitting/reading room seemed like the best idea:

Library books everywhere!

This morning I attacked the stack over breakfast…


Lesson learned – I will not be so enthusiastic in reserving a large number online interlibrary book loans at once!

(Or I could just quit my job and read library books for a living…)

28 thoughts on “The (Ridiculously Large) Library Stack”

  1. Oh my, and I thought I was bad having had 14 library books at home. I too went a bit crazy with the reserve button on the library webpage, and they all arrived at once! I am down to 12 at the moment but there are a few more which could arrive any day soon. Hope you have some quality reading time this week.

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  2. We have a similar system county wide and I have learned through trial and error how to space them out (although it’s not always possible to be exact since you can’t predict when books will be turned in by others that you are waiting for, and so on, and you might be waiting in line for books and can’t tell when your turn will actually come up depending on how many copies in the system) but…I love the ability to have so much selection and variety available to me just for clicking. Better too many books than not enough! Happy Reading!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment Claudia and that’s pretty interesting what you’ve learned! I guess I just have to keep putting in my request and sometimes it’ll be a mega stack and sometimes it’ll be a long wait! 😀


  3. LOL – I tend to get carried away too, sometimes with what is there at the library and sometimes with the interlibrary loan requests. I could say that I have learned to limit my borrowings, but that would be a lie.

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  4. Bah, that’s nothing! When my library was moving into smaller digs for their grand remodel, I helped them out by taking home two grocery sacks full of books. The stack could have been used to build a small fort and it was a dream getting to flip through them all even if I only managed to read a few.

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      1. The books are cheaper than thrift stores even. And I LOVE the magazine section since new magazines are so expensive these days. All libraries are not equal though so you have to check around. Here’s hoping that Denver has the same arrangement.

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  5. in my area, they finally combined all the libraries into one larger entity…and have the same interloan system – I find that I can have a title emailed to me, so that when I’m caught up, I can decide which title next from my emails…happy reading or maybe it’s browsing to see which one is the real keeper…

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