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The Inpatient Schnauzer: Update on the Granny Square Afghan (Guest Blogger)

My Human is Too Slow!

This is Mike the Miniature Schnauzer who lives with Tierney of tierneycreates. I am guest blogging on this post as you may have noticed Tierney has not blogged in a while and someone has to keep you updated…at least on my frustration.

If you saw this post like 3 weeks ago (maybe less, Schnauzers are not great with their perception of time) Update on the β€œGranny Square Madness”, she has been working on (like forever…or “fur-ever” as we say in canine) on a granny square afghan after teaching herself to make one via videos on YouTube.

Well I’ve been waiting a long time for it to be finished and I am getting very impatient!

(First I need to tell you that afghans and other cozy blankets are the “natural habitat” of Miniature Schnauzers)

I first fell in love with the afghan when it was just a couple of square she had made:


Then she made more squares and my love of this afghan kept growing and I would sneak in to lay on them whenever I could:


A Partial Afghan Will Do…I Guess…

Now that she finished 90 granny square blocks, she is SLOWLY (at least in the Schnauzer-Time-Space-Continuum perception) putting the afghan together.

And I cannot wait.

I’ve begun nesting in it, while it is in assembly, any time she steps away from it:


I’ve even begun nesting in it while she is working on attaching the blocks together (note the crochet hook on the lower left):


She’s tried to appease me by wrapping me in it, but I am not fooled:


Do I look “appeased”?!?!? Nope. I want a finished afghan.

Unfortunately she only has 3 rows together and has 7 more rows to add:



She has a system on the guest room bed where she has stacked the individual blocks for each granny square row (so I won’t topple over the rows and mess up her order like I was doing when they were laid out on the living room floor):


She says she is working on it as fast as she can but has this full-time job thing going on and other life activities (poor excuses).

Absolutely Not Appeased

I know I mentioned somewhere in this post that a partial afghan might do but on further thought it does not. I want to nap in the full completed thing!

Here are some photos of me “not appeased” to close out this post: 


Now get to work Human!

53 thoughts on “The Inpatient Schnauzer: Update on the Granny Square Afghan (Guest Blogger)”

  1. You know I love all pictures that are ‘Mike’ but my all time favorite in this sequence is the last one….the Schnauzer Furrito! Now quit slackin’ and get that boy’s afghan finished!!πŸ₯°πŸ’•πŸ§‘

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  2. Oh, Mike!!!! Mikemikemikemike! Firstly, Razz sends his gratitude for advocating for more snacks! I knew the minute your human caught you in that blanket that it was the perfect project for her to work on. Good thing you have all your good smells on it. Now she can’t give it away.

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      1. Your afghan is beautiful. I love the colors. You got me interested in granny squares again. So far, I have only 10 complete squares. I am making the squares in sets of 10. I start by making 10 centers; then the petals; followed by the granny square rounds. It is something to do as I watch movies or when I just want to take a break from the chaos in which we live.

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      2. Hey 10 is pretty good because yours are more complex and the ones that I’ve worked on. Good thing Mike is in waiting for a blanket from you ha ha Ha ha ha :-). I appreciate your comments and I’m glad you are enjoying crocheting as a break from the craziness as I am πŸ™‚

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  3. We humans have a saying — all good things come to those that wait. Maybe tierneycreates will make progress over the weekend. Don’t lose heart.
    P.S. I think you are the cutest miniature Schnauzer I have ever seen, especially when you are wrapped in a partially completed afghan

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  4. Oh my. Mike is certainly doing his job as a cheerleader! I’m glad to see you (Mike) enjoying the afghan at these last stages (why wait until it is done to get every ounce of coziness from it!). Quality control is a full time job. 😊 It looks awesome and the organization of planned square stacks on the side is such a good idea. πŸ™‚ Am excited, and cheering on the next rows!

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  5. Mike, my Beagle liked to claim things before they were done, too. I hope your human gets her squares done soon. The afghan looks beautiful.

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