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Out of town guests? Put them to work!

You can’t have your guest visiting from out of town just hanging out at your house and relaxing. And you absolutely do not want them expecting you to take them sight-seeing or anything like that while they visit!

Instead, you need to put them to work on home remodeling projects! (smile)

April was a busy month. Besides visiting Orlando, Florida (see post Oh Orlando), we also had two sets of out of town guests visiting.

The first set of guests (Marla Jo and Jason) we used to help build a new dresser for our master bedroom. Actually Jason and my partner John worked on the dresser while Marla Jo and I sat around and binge watched television shows, snacked and chatted (yes, that was exhausting work!)

No we don’t just invite people to visit us and then use them for home projects. Jason is very handy (he does amazing builds and remodels) and enjoys working on projects. Also he wanted to learn how to make drawers and John has become very good at making drawers over the past year.

Here are photos from Jason and John working on our new dresser:

The boys had fun playing in John’s workshop in our basement:

Mike the Miniature Schnauzer grew impatient as his Jason (Marla Jo and Jason used to be Mike’s babysitters when I lived in Oregon and went out of town) was ignoring him and not playing ball with him (Mike felt Jason should have been able to multitask, ha!)

So Mike kept tossing his ball between the back of Jason’s legs while Jason worked on the dresser.

We did actually take them sightseeing as well as out to a nice meal during their visit; and even visited with them. But most of their visit the boys did work on the dresser.

After they left to return to Oregon, John completed the dresser on his own and finished it with a beeswax and mineral oil mix that Jason recommended.

And here is the finished dresser in our master bedroom that two important men in my life worked on:

It was very exciting to put my clothes in it!


Marla Jo and Jason are family to me and they have embraced my partner John. Jason drove my stuff 1200 miles from Oregon to Colorado when I relocated in April 2019 after my husband died in December 2018. They were both there on the most awful day of my life and watched my dog Mike when I traveled to see family and friends after my terrible loss.

They are very happy to see me in my life now and to also see that Mike the Miniature Schnauzer is doing so well. Jason took these adorable photos of Mike, posed with his favorite toy – “Beary”- during their visit:

30 thoughts on “Out of town guests? Put them to work!”

  1. How wonderful to have a visit with people that are so important to you! Glad to hear that Mike did get a chance to play with Jason after all πŸ™‚ That dresser is amazing! John and Jason should be proud of it πŸ™‚

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  2. The dresser looks amazing! I’m so glad you have such a kind and talented partner in your life. I hope each day becomes a little less sorrowful for you. Also, I enjoyed seeing the quilt above your dresser. So pretty!

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  3. How wonderful to have friends like Jason and Lisa! And I’ll bet those boys had a blast playing with serious power tools. Beautiful result. Mike is so precious!


  4. What wonderful friends. The fellas did a beautiful job on the dresser. Naturally, they could not have gotten it all done without the love and support of the gals in the other room binge watching Netflix and sipping wine.


  5. How blessed you are to have such wonderful friends to journey through life with! The dresser looks both stunning and sturdy. I love how Mike wanted to ensure he got some quality time with “his Jason” and how he rewarded his good friend with some sweet pictures to carry along with him back home.

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  6. How nice to reconnect with family/friends. πŸ™‚ The dresser looks beautiful, and is a true work of art. It must have been so sweet to finally stock it and decorate. And I like Mike’s very pensive expression here. He looks very thoughtful. πŸ™‚

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  7. That’s beautiful Tierney! Not only the dresser but how your friends truly love you!!


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