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Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop 2021, Part V

Here is my final installment on my series of blog posts about my first Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop. Thanks to everyone that made it through the first four posts covering days one and two of my adventure to visit all 11 quilt shops so I could complete my “shop hop passport” and get my Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop commemorative pin:

On day three of the shop hop my partner John and Mike the Miniature Schnauzer joined me and we traveled to the last three shops I need to complete my passport Ruth’s Stitchery, Sew-Ciety, and Sew in Tune:


Our first stop was Ruth’s Stitchery in Colorado Springs, the shop we attempted to visit on day one of shop hopping but they closed at 3:00 pm. This is also the shop that is next door to a woodworking shop:

So while my woodworking partner John, with Mike the Miniature Schnauzer in a backpack on his back, wandered about Woodcraft, I wandered inside Ruth’s Stitchery.

The shop was much larger than it looked from the outside. I thought it would be a quick “in and out” to get my passport stamped, collect the mini panel for the shop, but instead I wandered for quite a while and bought a couple items. Here are a couple photos from inside the shop (in the first photo you will see their interpretation of the completed shop hop quilt using all the mini panels and one of the large panels:


The next shop on our third day shop hop adventure was Sew in Tune in Monument, Colorado. Not only was the shop absolutely darling with it’s camping theme, but the town of Monument was so beautiful! John and I plan to do a day trip back there just to wander around.

Here are a couple images for Monument, CO (from TripAdvisor and from HomesOnlineToday):

Yes it is actually that beautiful and looks like what you think Colorado should look like (at least in my mind). John and I were having a fantasy of retiring there someday!

Okay so back to quilt shop hopping – here are some photos from inside the adorable quilt shop in Monument – Sew in Tune (oh and the staff were super friendly):

As you see in the photos above, they had two versions/interpretations of the shop hop quilt using each of the large panels. I ended up buying the patterns as I really liked their designs (each shop that created an interpretation/design of how the shop hop quilt should look, also sold the pattern).


The last shop I needed to visit to complete my shop hop passport was Sew-Ciety in Castle Rock, CO. We did not watch our time very well (my fault for too much wandering) and we discovered the shop was closing at 3:00 pm! We arrived to the shop at 2:55 pm and all I had time to do was get my passport stamped before they closed.

I did not get to take any photos in that quilt shop but it looked like a nice shop and I will return at a later time to actually look around.

I did however get to turn in my completed stamped quilt shop hop passport to them (to be entered into the shop hop drawing); and I got my commemorative pin for completing the shop hop!

Yes it was a lot of work for a free pin but it was so fun to be introduced to a lot of quilt shops in Colorado.

21 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Quilt Shop Hop 2021, Part V”

  1. The badge is soooo ‘real’ Colorado. But then, I’m biased!
    I’m thrilled you’re settling into your new state as an itinerant quilter and seeing the sights with the eyes of a quilter, too. Fun.
    Much of what you documented made me a tad homesick…but happiness that you’re embracing your life there with arms wide open overrides all of that!

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  2. about Ruth’s “looks like a small store” – that’s the one who has the racks that you think, this front packet looks nice – ooops how is I flicked through the hangers and…oh well. Then more racking – and me think is John okay in the wood shop, of course he is!

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  3. A wonderful state to hop around, and camp around. And if we ever move from the Blue Ridge….I might buy the panel and change the wording to Wish We Were Here! Our last camping trip to CO was in the Flat Tops in September – magical colors. Thanks for the post!

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  4. What an adventure! You saw some great shops and lovely quilts πŸ™‚ I love Sew-in-Tune’s camping theme! Very cool πŸ™‚ And YAY for completing the hop and getting your pin and all the lovely panels and patterns πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing your trips!

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  5. Hi T!
    I finally got to post my photos from
    The quilt display at the fair earlier this summer

    I linked this post to it because I know some quilters are going to really enjoy this post of yours! Quilters delight – and also folks who enjoy seeing different parts of Colorado will
    Enjoy how your passport adventure shows us fresh views from colorful Colorado πŸ˜‰

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