New York City x 2, Part II

Continuing my story of surprisingly visited NYC twice in the span of two months which began in yesterday’s post New York City x 2, Part I.

So a couple weeks ago my sister called me up and asked: “Are you going anything the weekend of September 10 – 12th?” To my reply of “Nothing planned”, she responded: “What about doing something crazy and going to NYC to attend a fashion show during NYC Fashion Week?”

Not sure what came over me but I said “Yes”.

Must be something about these pandemic times and realizing you should take opportunities where you can (as long as you are safe, masked and vaccinated, at least in my opinion not necessarily the opinion of some of my fellow Americans…oh and I am aware that vaccine may not stop you from getting COVID but it does seem to lessen the symptoms).

It seems like 2020 took so much away from us and perhaps I am taking a little too many risks in 2021 but we did recently cancel our long awaiting and planned holiday in Hawaii because the governor of Hawaii asked people not to visit unless it was essential travel.

My sister was invited to buy to tickets to several of the NYC Fashion Week shows because she’s attend pre-pandemic. She got invites to mid-level shows, not the big designer shows like say the Prada show or something (I think you have to be a celebrity or in “the industry” to get invited to those). We decided to go to one show.

Yesterday’s post I mentioned some of the awesomeness of my younger brother. Well my younger sister (there are three of us and I am the oldest) is pretty awesome! She is very adventurous and has done a bit of world travel (more than me) and is not shy in seeking out new opportunities like regularly attending the Tribeca Film Festival, NYC Fashion Week, and getting me into one of her industry conferences where I got to see President Barrack Obama speak as the keynote speaker (see post Bucket List Delight!).

As a full-time working mom she went back to school and got her MBA with a focus in Project Management and now works for a university in a male dominated industry: Construction Project Management. She is ex-military and can hold her ground with “the boys” of the construction industry! She got me into “thrifting” and she has curated for herself a lovely second-hand thrifted wardrobe (I am still in training).

If you can’t tell, I am in awe of my siblings and consider them some of my best friends!

So it wasn’t just the opportunity to attend my first fashion show during NYC Fashion Week but an opportunity to hang out with my sister.

The journey began on Friday September 10th with a flight to BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport) with a “Sisters Road Trip” to New York City:

It is crazy driving into NYC so we drove to Secaucus Junction in Secaucus, New Jersey which is just 5 miles from Penn Station, New York.

There you can park a car at reasonably priced overnight parking and take the NJ Transit train for under $5 from the Secaucus Junction to Penn Station. Here are a couple photos from that trip for NJ to NYC:

An interesting note about NYC – not only were masks required in many places, but proof of COVID vaccination was required to eat in many restaurants, stores, museums and to get into the fashion shows, etc.

From Penn Station we walked a couple blocks, then took the subway to Brooklyn were our Airbnb accommodations awaited.

My sister got a room in a boutique hotel in Soho for Saturday night, so I treated us to a unique Airbnb stay in Brooklyn for Friday night. The owner is a curator of unusual antiques, vintage items and plants. It’s difficult to describe the place we stayed at but here are photos (and yes the late 20-something host/owner could be described as the “Ultimate Hipster“):

It was awesome but a little bit visually over stimulating!

We found an awesome neighborhood deli/grocery store and picked up a delicious assortment of hot and cold yummies to take back to our room to eat. We returned to that deli for breakfast the next day also. It was the sort of deli you can only find in New York.

The next morning we headed to the Angel Orensanz Foundation, a beautiful event space, for my first NYC Fashion Week Fashion Show!

We had little free gifts from the designers on our chairs and the atmosphere/vibe inside the place was awesome. We saw runway shows by 5 – 6 local NYC designers and here are some images from the runway shows:

After the show we headed to eat a very tourist lunch at Katz’s Deli (famously known for a scene in “When Harry Met Sally”):

But it was really different with it’s COVID restrictions/protocols and for the high prices (which did not used to be so high) we decided to pass on the tourist trap. I’ve eaten there several times before pre-COVID the food is great and the atmosphere is delightful – the crowded busy NYC deli – but had no charm this time unfortunately due to its rigid COVID safety set up.

Instead we wandered to Soho (where we would be spending the evening in the Sohotel a historic hotel in Soho) for find dining.

Before getting to Soho we ran into Little Italy and had a delicious stop for gelato!

I’ll continue the rest of our adventures from this visit to NYC in my next post!

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  1. What an amazing trip! The Air BnB looks really interesting, as does the place you went to the fashion show. That must have been so much fun! I’m not really a fashion maven, but would love to go to a show. And it sound like you had some wonderful meals, too! Can’t wait to hear more about the rest of it 🙂

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  2. Wow, such fun,- Fashion show, Deli, Soho, Little Italy, I feel like I´m reading a movie script 🙂 My daughter and I were actually saying the other day, that it would be interesting to visit New York, not sure about the crowds though, it always looks very busy in the movies, 🙂

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  3. From where I am sitting it looks like you visited an exotic other world! Not sure which delighted me more — the museum-full-of-plants air bnb you stayed in or the NY fashion. As for the delis you describe — in my dreams!


  4. Hi!
    I really enjoyed your NYC post and especially thank you for the fashion show photos
    We get a feel for the models and the clothes but also a lot of extras with the attendees in rhe photos accessed from you –
    So sad that COVID has really still impacted Dining out and all of tourism – but at least some of it is up and going

    Lastly – the room with all
    Of the antiques would drive me crazy but I can see how it might appeal to some 😉

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      1. Well
        I used to like antiques for a little while – and had a few special items over the days – including one antique piano that I have mentally prepared to give to the right home.
        But no longer my thing at all and my hubs just checked with me because his aunt offered the family “grandfather clock” to us first and I think in the 90s we would have snatched it up – but we both were like “no thank you” for what we wasn’t in life right now
        And with that said – well the room you showed with the antiques and decor do have that personality and charm and so the mood of it all can be quite a needed life experience –
        I just worry about the cleaning of it and sanitizing (before COVID I would have wondered this) haha

        And in one of your fashion week photos there is a lady in the crowd with some yellow sandals and a black outfit –
        Well I think I have those same sandals in navy! lol
        And seriously i enjoyed the NY posts and i am looking forward to soaking up the recent one for part 3

        In the meantime – hope have a great week and nice start to Fall🍁🍂

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      2. well it turns out my Navy sandals are a little different than the lady’s yellow sandals – but here is the photo of mine (just to follow up and because I had this in my media folder)

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  5. Looks like you had a fun time despite all the covid regulations and checks. I am not sure if I like the rooms with all the paraphenalia on the walls or not – kind of do like the eclectic side of it but (I think I am becoming a grown up…) my first thought was about how grubby they’d get and how hard it might be to keep it all clean!

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  6. Wow, SOHO, Fashion week, boutique air BnB, gelato, trains and adventures with sister sounds like a recipe for FUN! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I love to travel vicariously through you.:)

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