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A Hat for John

I am planning to continue my series of posts on the quilt retreat I attended at the Missouri Star Quilt Company but I thought I would throw in a quick post to show a hat I knitted for my partner John.

It’s the first hat I made him. He asked for a gray hat and I thought I was knitting him a gray hat but a couple rows into knitting it and finally in direct sunlight with the yarn, I discovered the yarn was actually dark green with grayish undertones. (Oh I better explain – it was yarn someone gifted me – a beautiful soft nubby wool – and pulled it out of my stash in a semi-dark room).

He was still happy with it so I finished it for him. Here are some photos, and yes it’s my one and only hat knitting pattern I know. There might come a day in which I try a new pattern…perhaps!

In the first two images below, you can see the dark green:

Here you can see the dark green
John modeling it in light which makes it look green

But in this image below, which I guess was in a different light, it looks gray:

Now it’s a gray hat!

So it’s like I knitted him TWO HATS (ha!) – a dark green one and a gray one (smile).

I am pretty excited about the yarn I am using for the next hat I am knitting (which is for me!) and will blog about it sometime in the future.

Now I will return to reading the blog posts of the knitters I follow that are busy making quadruple layered cabled (I made that up) Fair Isle Icelandic sweaters with wool they spun and then dyed themselves…lol…

28 thoughts on “A Hat for John”

  1. Smiling with your ending about the ministers you follow spinning their own wool – hahshshs
    And I love when we have these cool multicolored options – like car colors or like house paints – years ago we bought an oops can of paint for a spare room and Tierney / it had different hues depending on the light (like John’s hat) – and at times it was pale purple, gray, silver, or tan.
    And enjoyed seeing John model the hat!

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      1. Hi – well it didn’t change that quickly – but on a bright day we could see the metallic and purple – and then my husband used to have band practice in that room and in some of the photos it would look tan and then others, gray
        so it was subtle and it was really awesome (and it was when they just started to add the primer to paint – so it was one coat and done)
        good memories – ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I actually have a photo of John in a gray hat you knitted! And then you gave that hat to my husband Blair who LOVES his TierneyCreates gray hat (and we seriously looked everywhere in shops for a hat he would like). Can’t believe we forgot to take a photo of all of us in our matching TierneyCreates hats the other night.

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  3. Light comes in different colours and it sometimes effects what we see. What’s more surprising is that a lot of the time our brain corrects it back to us to the colour we expect to see.

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