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From the Woodshop: Floating Top Hall Table

I haven’t posted any new pieces by my partner John, a self-taught hobbyist woodworker, as he has been super busy with his job.

Recently he found time to work on a new woodworking piece, and has recently finished a pine floating top table. The table was originally to be used as sofa table in our basement but it came out so cool, we decided to put it in the entryway.

Here is the piece in progress in his woodshop in our basement:

Here he is staining it in the garage after he finished building it:

And finally the finished piece, now in our entryway!

I put a bowl I found last year at a second hand store with a little pillow I made on the top of the table. There are bird illustrations on the wall behind the table, so I also placed a little bird dish my friend Kathy got me and two little birds that were a favorite of John’s late wife.

With this table complete, John is now planning his next project.

47 thoughts on “From the Woodshop: Floating Top Hall Table”

      1. You bet. I saw that he responded to my posting. That’s awesome. He ought to start a blog on his woodworking. I’d bet he would get some followers that hold the same interests.

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  1. Fantastic table – he has real skill! What a great pair of creative people you are. Looking forward to seeing more wood work proudly shown off on here.

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  2. Love john’s table and I have not seen a floating one like that
    The entire decor and placement is wonderful
    Also how sweet to have the late wife’s little birds there

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  3. Wow! I can completely understand why you’ve decided to feature this table at your entryway as it is truly a show piece. You two make a good team- he builds and you enhance its features with your choice of decorations.

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