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Potsticker Adventures

My partner John and I love potstickers, we have them anytime we go to a restaurant with any sort of Asian cuisine. Recently we discovered a recipe for a vegetarian version of them in a new cookbook we are experimenting with (to try and make healthier food choices): Damn Delicious Meal Prep by Chungah Rhee:

So during John’s lunch break (he works remotely) we took a stab at making the potstickers in the cookbook, which made enough to be able to also freeze a large batch for future use.

Neither of us have made potstickers from scratch before, and it was a fun adventure to work through the recipe together.

I didn’t take any photos of assembling the filling for the potstickers but here are a couple photos of John filling the wonton wrappers and then pan frying the potstickers (you pan fry, then steam, then cook off the liquid):

The cookbook did not include a dipping sauce but we found one on the web:

And finally we could sit down to a nice potsticker snack!

We froze the rest (though we wished we had cooked up more after tasting them – YUMMY!):

They will freeze on parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet for 24 hours and then I can place them in a freezer bag to store them up to 3 months in the freezer. It will be nice to have homemade potstickers handy when we are in the mood for them!

I cannot for copyright reasons share the recipe published in the cookbook but the author did have a version of her potstickers made with pork (what is commonly used) that I found online:

And here is a garlic ginger chicken version by the same author I found on YouTube:

I think we will try this version next time we need to restock our potstickers stash!


In case you are wondering, I have tried another recipe from this cookbook before we made the potstickers. The reason why we got this cookbook was to find a way to better prep for our lunches and dinner when we are not really in the mood to cook.

John and I love to cook but sometimes we are tired and sometimes we made “bad food” decisions when we do not feel like cooking. This cookbook has recipes to prepare meals that you put in individual containers that are ready to eat – breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You can cook on Sunday and have a week’s lunches all planned.

You can also make dishes to freeze for dinners. Or you can have things like potstickers on hand when you want some tasty like you would have at a restaurant but not spend restaurant money!

I’ve planned out two more dishes to make with the cookbook next – a shrimp gumbo and a dish that mirrors a tuna roll we have a favorite sushi place (but used canned tuna not fresh). 

The author did publish some of her meal prep recipes on her website and here is a link to some of them if you want to experiment with meal prep:




21 thoughts on “Potsticker Adventures”

  1. They look
    Like they came out so well and it had been a while since I tried potstickers – mmmm

    And side note – I don’t agree that the vegetarian ones are healthier – I know some folks have moral reasons for going vegetarian but I think the meat ones are a better fuel source and there is a lot more vitamins in meat – and some veggies have lectins and well- I would choose the pork ones (or beef) any day over the veggie ones –

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      1. Maybe it is a new one for the author that came out so well! Have to protect it for a while and maybe the pork one is common?

        Loved the down photo of the potstickers on the plate with the dipping sauce in middle

        And good idea for having food on hand – we found individually wrapped bison burgers on a sale and bought a lot for the freezer – I’ll miss them when they are gone because they have been so good for those days when cooking can’t be done / ha
        And they are easy in the air fryer

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  2. OMG those potstickers looks so yummy! Meal prep ahead of time is a great idea. Sometimes cooking just isn’t in the cards, so having easy, healthy things ready to go will work out really well!

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  3. The pot stickers look great! The last time I made them (you know how long it takes) I put them in the freezer, bagged them up and the next day my husband took them out to get to something in the freezer and left them on the work bench in the garage (freezer is in the garage). I found them the next day. I almost divorced him! Lol

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