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Back to Some Drawstring Bag Making

It’s time to restock my Etsy shop Textiles & Smiles that I reopened last November and I’ve decided to first make a stash of drawstrings bags which sold well with my first reopened shop offerings.

(Previously my Etsy shop was called “tierneycreates” but there was a whole reopening fiasco that I shared in the post My Etsy Shop is Now Reopened – tierneycreates is now TextilesandSmiles. I’ve grown to embrace the new name “Textiles & Smiles”, which is part of my original tagline – “tierneycreates: a fusion of textiles & smiles”.)

I kept some of the drawstring bags for use in my studio, they are great for storing scraps:

Over the past week I’ve enjoyed picking out fabric combinations for the top, bottom, and lining for the bags. Here are some combinations I got excited about:

I’ve also selected some fun novelty fabrics that I think will make fun bags.

So far I’ve cut out 30 bags and then it is time to get them all interfaced and then get to sewing!


A little follow up to Mike the Miniature Schnauzer’s recent post Guest Post: John, Project Man (PartΒ II).

Mike continues to provide oversight of John’s projects and here he is on a recent trip to a tool store to help John pick out a new tool.

And here he is advising John on the correct tool to select:

I am sure Mike did his research before coming to the store (I am always finding him on my laptop…) πŸ˜‰

27 thoughts on “Back to Some Drawstring Bag Making”

  1. Some days the fabric selection and/or sorting takes more time than the actual production. It also gives a productive way to play with fabricπŸ˜„. The drawstring bags should be useful for most people. Good luck on the reopen.

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      1. You are a gem no matter what. Just saying! And thank you for thinking of me. Yes, I have been knitting since I was 8 years old, so that is 55+ years. And I have made so many items I can’t tell you, I just wish I had taken photos, especially back 20 or 25 years ago when I made a lot of sweaters. My most recent thing was baby blankets for my granddaughter. You know, this makes me think. Maybe I would like to make myself a sweater again? Hmmmm….

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