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Truly Alive

My next post was going to be Part II of this post Black Pioneers: Legacy in the American West show opening weekend, Part I.

But then I went to the Garden of the Gods, the national natural landmark in Colorado Springs, CO (my 4th visit) this weekend while my brother and his family were visiting.

And I stood here for a while gazing at the 300+ million year old rock formations across the grassland and got very reflective

Then I stood here for a while and got even more reflective:

I starting thinking about an Instagram post I did a couple months ago and how I feel “truly alive” in Colorado.

Here is what I wrote on Instagram:

My third anniversary of living in Colorado came and went without any fanfare but I’ve been thinking about it today.

I arrived in Colorado from Bend, Oregon (a truly magical place to live that I would’ve lived the rest of my life if life changing disaster had not struck) around April 20, 2019 to start a new life after being surprisingly widowed in 2018. Little did I know what glorious adventure awaited me in Colorado, the next chapter of my life.

I have this framed advertisement in the wall of my sewing studio. Two months after my husband suddenly died and I was sitting in my Oregon home strongly doubting my decision to move to Colorado, and I randomly opened a magazine and this ad was the page that opened! OK universe I hear you…

I am the adventure that will replay in your mind. The story you’ll tell for years and years. The invincibility you feel, if only for a moment. One beautiful, breathtaking moment. I am Colorado. And I’ll show you what it’s like to be truly alive.


Whoever wrote the copy for that Colorado visitor guide advertisement I’d like to give a huge hug to.

“Truly Alive”, that is what I felt when I was wandering around the Garden of the Gods on Saturday.

I spent time with the group wandering around; and at the picnic we had on one of the over 300 million year old elevated rock formations. Here are photos of my brother and I hanging out as well as a haphazardly snapped photo of our picnic among the ancient rocks (while I was trying to balance food on my knee and take a photo):

I also spent a bit of time alone, allowing the group to wander off on their own. Here is a video I took as I looked upon a scene (which I’ve seen 3 times before) that took my breath away:

Here are a couple more select photos from the day but nothing compares to being there in person. It was a gloriously beautiful day in a spiritual sort of place.

And of course, here are some photos in Black & White:

I am Colorado. And I’ll show you what it’s like to be truly alive.

Thank you Colorado. (And thank you to me for being brave enough to move here for the next chapter of my life adventure).


If you’d like to see much higher quality video footage of the Garden of the Gods, here is a video I found on YouTube that I think captures some of the beauty I saw on Saturday:

24 thoughts on “Truly Alive”

  1. That looks like an amazing place! I know what you are talking about with moments when you feel truly alive and you are in magical place. So glad that your move was a happy step for you and that you are experiencing those ‘truly alive’ moments!

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  2. Happy Colorado-versary! As I looked at your pictures I was struck by the stunning contrast of colors- the red/browns, greens, and blue. Have you ever thought of doing a “Garden of the Gods” inspired quilt? Also, I loved the picture of you and your brother. I am blessed with two wonderful brothers whom I cherish and love spending time with. There is something special about a brother/sister relationship.


  3. How wonderful for you to be able to share that place with family. How lucky they are to have you to visit. That first step is always the hardest…


  4. Thanks For the splash of Colorado in this post! I have not been to the Garden of the gods since 1995!
    But it looks like the same magical place and loved the photos you shared – and video with ZZ Top song


  5. I have so many places around the world on my travel bucket list and this one just got added to it! My plan is to start in the USA with the Grand Canyon and I’ll bet Garden of Gods is not too far from there 😉 Now I just need to get hubby on board!! Thank you for sharing your experience and letting us have a sneak peak 😊

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