Very Cool Website and Tool: Play Crafts and Palette Builder

Before becoming a blogger, I did not follow many blogs. Now  I find myself following many interesting blogs, including one by a fellow quilter/crafter knitNkwilt. Thanks to one of her recent posts I was introduced to a wonderful website Play Crafts and their free online tool Palette Builder 2.1!

In my post Creative Inspiration: Nature, I discuss how the colors in a photo from Red Rock Canyon State Park inspired an abstract art quilt I created. I manually determined what colors were in the photo and matched them to fabric in my stash. Play Craft’s tool Palette Builder 2.1 identifies the key colors in a photograph for you automatically and for free!

Below is a photo I took while in Morrison, Colorado near the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater:


Here is the photo after running it through Palette Builder:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.16.04 PM

Palette Builder has identified the palette for a piece based on the photo. You could use this palette to create a painting or to design a textile based piece inspired by this photo! Palette Builder appears to be connected with Moda Fabrics (one of my favorite quilt fabric manufacturers) and lists the specific Moda fabric that corresponds to the color identified in the photo.

If I were working on a piece based on this photo, and say using batiks, I would add in additional tones and shades of the colors suggested to include a forest green color for the foliage and perhaps another shade of brick red. However this tool gives you a great place to start on your palette – for free!

I am looking forward to using this tool in designing a future textile piece based on a photo that inspires me creatively!





One of the cool things about blogging is I feel obligated to complete the projects I write about. Maybe you all do not really care (ha!) but I feel a sense of obligation to finish things or my readers will think I am a…non-finisher (not even sure if that is a proper word).

Here is an update on some projects related to previous blog posts:

The Charming Continues

In my posts What’s on the Design Wall: Rediscovering My “Charms” and What’s on the Design Wall: Pre-cuts Wrangling, I discuss trying to use up my out of control collection of pre-cuts such as charm squares (5 inch pre-cut coordinated squares). Another charm square quilt has been completed – this one I call The Charming Continues.  It was pieced by my quilting husband and myself using a couple Moda Basic Grey charm packs and coordinating Moda Basic Grey/Grunge line of fabric. It was long-arm quilted  by Betty Anne Guadalupe of Guadalupe Designs. Originally I was going to list it on my Etsy shop but I fell in love with it and it is very happy now in my cozy reading area (where the 370 Craft Books live, see that post…).

Right on Target

In a recent post, What’s on the Design Wall: Not What Should Be There, I discuss how at a recent quilt retreat, I began impromptu working on the same quilt another retreat attendee was piecing – the pattern Right on Target. I have now completed piecing the top and now I am deciding whether to use it as a quilt or as a quilted tablecloth. I am going to quilt it myself (just a simple “stitch in the ditch” or “stitch outside the ditch”). I am happy it did not become an UFO (unfinished object) – this can happen to random projects you start on an impromptu basis at a quilt retreat!