New Piece Added to Collection: Abandoned Structure (2015)

Here is the completed piece, Abandoned Structure, that I discussed is several What’s on the Design Wall, posts.

The Wardrobe Meets the Wall

Tierney Davis Hogan and Betty Anne Guadalupe have added a new piece to The Wardrobe Meets the Wall Collection: Abandoned Structure.

Tierney Davis Hogan discussed the background and inspiration on this piece in her tierneycreates blog in the post What’s on the Design Wall: Working Through a New Art Quilt Piece.

Below are the details which have been added to The Collection page:

ABANDONED STRUCTURE (2015) – 40″ L x 18″ W, recycled silk garment scraps, specially dyed cotton fabric

Designed and pieced by Tierney Davis Hogan; Quilted by Betty Anne Guadalupe

Artist Statement:

An abandoned power plant along a river in Oregon and the austere decay of the weather worn structure inspired this collaborative piece. The structure inspired my piecing of recycled silk garment sample scraps into a gray tonal variegated cotton background; and inspired the quilting by Betty Anne Guadalupe, intuitively based on the actual photograph of…

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