A New Way to Offer my Handmade Items?

Offering Handmade Items on Etsy 

I have been with Etsy for 2 years and I have been blessed to have had 73 sales. Not all my sales were for handmade items, this total includes my vintage Barbies of the World collection that I cleared out as well as well as fabric by the yard, fat quarter sets and a couple “jelly rolls” (rolls of 40 pre-cut 2.5 inch coordinated fabric strips).

Recently I removed all vintage items from my Etsy shop and I am only focusing on handmade items, and some carefully curated fabric offerings. Eventually I would like to only offer handmade items. I do not want to be a reseller, I want to only offer things that either I have made or “Terry the Quilting Husband” has made.

Exploring New Option for Offering Handmade Items

I heard that Amazon was going to start a handmade marketplace. I am mulling over the idea of selling instead (or additionally) on Amazon at their new “Handmade at Amazon” (still under development).

Today I applied for an invitation to be a vendor on Amazon’s Handmade at Amazon. I await the outcome of their evaluation as to whether they want tierneycreates (and its handmade products) as Handmade at Amazon vendor.

An appealing feature of Handmade at Amazon is that unlike Etsy, you do not have to renew your listing (paying a renewal fee each time, which becomes tedious). The listings are permanent until the item sells.

It never hurts to explore new opportunities; and I will update you all on what happens.

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