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Terry the *Not* Quilting Husband

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His Sewing Machine Grows Cold

In previous posts I have talked about Terry “The Quilting Husband”. He began quilting last fall and has spent the past year working on projects.

Currently he is “Terry the Not Quilting Husband” and has put the sewing machine away and taken a hiatus from quilt making. Instead of sewing, he has returned to an earlier hobby – historical miniature wargaming and is currently working on painting Napoleonic era figures.


I was briefly worried that he would forever lose interest in quilting; and then I remembered that it is fine to take a break from one hobby and work on another for awhile.

This got me thinking about taking a break from quilt making for a while and working on other hobbies like my semi abandoned card making or beading hobby.

Today, I started leafing through and organizing my neglected card stock from my days of handmade card making and I am toying with the idea of giving my sewing machine a rest and working on handmade holiday cards!

Quote Currently Stuck in My Head

This may seem random but I wanted to share this wonderful quote I came upon today and have been mulling over in my head.

Mark Twain said:

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.

4 thoughts on “Terry the *Not* Quilting Husband”

  1. I guess I do something like that–I don’t think of it officially as taking a break, but I do shift interest between knitting and quilting. I like the MT quotation; my favorite is “I remember it whether it happened or not.”

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  2. Ohhhh!! I remember our days of sitting and making Christmas cards together. I haven’t done it in years either. Would be fun to have a weekend with you doing that. Maybe we can do it virtually some Saturday, each in our respective states… and toast a beer to those days.

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