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“All Aboard” the Winter Train Village

Snow has fallen all day in Central Oregon. What began as a dusting of snow is now a couple inches of snowfall and the temperature has fallen to the 20s (yup Fahrenheit, wish I was talking Celsius!)

I call this time of year “Falinter” or “Wintal” (Fall meets Winter). It usually begins in November (we are after all a skiing area – Mount Bachelor); so I should not complain that the “Falinter”season did not begin until December (just a couple weeks before real Winter…)

However, the snow outside reinforces my holiday mood as I continue this week’s series of posts on Holiday Decorations.

Winter Train Village at Seattle Center

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Gingerbread Village, 12/2/16, I spent a three-day weekend in Seattle with my brother and his family. As a former Seattle resident, I got to spend 3 days being a tourist and enjoying the town through the eyes of my delightful 4-year old nephew.

We focused the weekend on kid related activities and one of those activities involved going to the Armory at the Seattle Center to see the Winter Train Village.

Each year the Seattle Center, located next to the Space Needle, has Winterfest. Here is a link with more information (which contains a short video overview of the annual Winterfest and the Winter Train in action):

Seattle Center Winterfest 2016 Link

One of the main features at Winterfest, is the Winter Train Village and here is a collection of photos (none of which do justice to the detail and adorableness of the recreation of an old fashioned town during the holidays):


The Armory at the Seattle Center was decorated a most festive manner:


We had a wonderful lunch in the food court of the Armory while we listened to children choirs perform carols.

Before leaving the Armory, I stopped at Seattle Fudge to pick up a treat to bring home to “Terry the Quilting Husband” who was at home with the dogs. I did of course accept a couple samples of the fudge from the person working at the booth to ensure it was not poisoned or anything – ha!


It was a complete test of self control for me not to break into the wrapped up fudge before I returned home on Sunday!  (Terry the Quilting Husband did share a small piece with me).

16 thoughts on ““All Aboard” the Winter Train Village”

  1. What fun! Jim and I will be in Seattle for a couple of days later this month. I haven’t been there before, other than into the airport, and to the (VERY AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!!!) Boeing museum. Besides the Seattle Center, do you have recommendations for downtown touristing?

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    1. Oh yes! Well you have to of course go experience Pike Place Market (check out all levels). It is worth the $22 to go to the top of the Space Needle. You can hang out up top as long as they are open. Just wandering downtown is awesome and stop by Nordstoms flagship store. You can take the monorail in westlake center to Seattle center.


      1. Thanks for the recommendations. I don’t know about Nordstroms — I’ve shopped there, gotten GREAT service at the Portland downtown store several years ago — but we don’t have them here. A few years ago Jim and I went into Chicago for a pre-Christmas visit and enjoyed wandering through Macy’s, which was the Marshall Fields flagship store. We had a great time because of the beautiful architectural features, and especially enjoyed a chance meeting with the woman in charge of facilities. She was in love with her building, and rightly so. If Nordstroms is anything close to that, I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

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  2. The Ace Hardware store near our house sells that homemade fudge. I’ve had to start going to Lowe’s because it’s too hard to resist! I have a friend whose son LOVES trains to the nth degree. They have an elevated track about a foot off the ceiling and the train runs the entire perimeter of the house!

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    1. Good thing we do not have an Ace that does that as Terry the Quilting Husband would keep having reasons to run to Ace! I only made handmade fudge once and it did not last long in the house. That is so cool about your friend’s train that runs through their house!!!


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