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New Business Card Options (please vote for your favorite)

Let’s take a break from my series of posts on holiday decorations and my recent visit to Seattle. I would love your vote on three new business card options I am considering from Vistaprint (yup, the well marketed/advertised inexpensive business card option).

Since we have transitioned from The Wardrobe Meets the Wall to Inspirational Textiles (see post Improvisational Textiles) I need an updated business card. After playing with endless templates, I have narrowed it my options down to three finalists.

Take a look at the three options below and please cast your vote in the poll below. You don’t need to post a comment to vote but you are welcome of course to also comment.

Please note: 1) The final fonts I am going to use, and how the text is spaced, are not finalized; 2) Since there could always be spammers out there in “blogging-land” I have left off my phone number and e-mail address but they will be in place in the final version; and 3) Ignore the dashed lines at the edge of each card, these are from the Vistaprint template editing and will not appear on the final card.)

I will review the final numbers on Sunday and let you know the top vote and my final decision – thank you!

Option 1

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 5.41.37 PM.png

Option 2

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 5.43.23 PM.png

Option 3

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 5.44.16 PM.png

Please select one of the options below – thanks!

25 thoughts on “New Business Card Options (please vote for your favorite)”

  1. I like #2 and #3 the best. The green one feels very soothing to me – very artistic. The yellow one is more perky and spontaneous. By those descriptions, which one do you think fits you best? Nice job on both of them.

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  2. Hi, Tierney!
    I’m not going to vote for 1, 2, or 3… Any of the three would really be “OK”…
    I feel that something else would actually be more reflective of the vibrant, colorful, wonderful artistry that is your beautiful work!!
    I would vote to have something that would have a piece from your amazing gallery as the background, or as a side-band!!
    (As an example, see the little pictures above that illustrate “related” posts… Or, like the “header” picture of your Gallery…! Wonderful!)
    (Tierney, your art is SO much more, I think, than those 3 cards would suggest… )
    Pat T.

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    1. Thanks Pat, I did think of using an image as a background, I did that a couple of years ago but the card looked overstimulating, ha! But I will keep your idea in mind. I might just get a small order of my next set of cards and maybe for my next run I will use a higher end business card vendor with more options😀


  3. The horizontal orientation is easier to read, and #2 is clearer than #1. But I agree that more vibrant color would be more like your work.

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  4. These are all very beautiful, though I did cast my vote for one of them. 🙂
    I’m wondering if the back of the card (opposite the side with the text) could be a nice place to showcase some of your gorgeous quilting work? Just an idea that came to mind; I’m definitely no expert!

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  5. Hi Tierney! I voted for number #2. To me it is the most artist and still professional. I like that it has a feeling of texture to it too, as does #3. Congratulations to you on your new future business card!


  6. You didn’t make that easy. If it were me,I would probably do number 3 but my sister would do number 1 and my mom number 1 or 2. Close your eyes and point to one. Any choice is lovely.

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  7. At first I was going to say two, but I’m going to cast my vote for three.

    Typography is good.
    Variations of line weight add contrast as much as the dark color vs the background.
    And the flowing typeface reminds me of thread, tying in the general theme subtly.

    I usually don’t like vertical business cards, but this one stand out as much as it stands up. I like. 🙂

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  8. Number three have texture and really distinct from crowd. Number one have nice background img but I am still for something different. When you take in hand lot of business cards number three will leave impression.

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