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The Library Stack

I took a break from borrowing my normally large stack of library books, spending time instead reading/browsing through books already in my collection and my backlog of crafting magazines.

But, of course, I just had to continue my ongoing series, The Library Stack,  so last weekend I borrowed a HUGE stack of crafting and home decorating books from my beloved local public library.


This stack will take several pots of tea to get through! I am hoping some of the decorating books give me inspiration for the living room remodel we want to work on this Spring/Summer, adding in a wall of bookcases and fireplace.

I am slowly working on more Farm Girl Vintage blocks, I just finished the “Chicken Foot” block. I want to complete a few more blocks before I post again on Farm Girl Vintage. I am working through the book in alphabetical order of the blocks, hoping to make each block in Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage book.

I am curious about my recent and ongoing desire to work on blocks from a pattern instead of working on improvisational art quilts. I am wondering when my art quilting muse will return and will there be some improvisational art quilts are in my future (and so I will have something to post on the collaboration art quilting site, Improvisational Textiles…)

Let me close this short post with a quote shared by Gwen Marston in her book A Common Thread: A Collection of Quilts by Gwen Marston, that reminds me to flow with wherever I am on my creative journey:

“To please herself only, the cat purrs.”

– Irish Proverb

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  1. Yes on that. I’ve found it’s better not to worry about what I am working on, or not working on. If I’m not working, it’s because I need a break. If I’m working on something very easy, that’s okay, too. The only thing worth stressing about is if I’m doing something I actually don’t find satisfying, like quilting up donation quilts (pieced by other people) for my guild. Yes, there is satisfaction in moving them toward warming someone. But the process is frustrating and makes me unhappy. THAT is worth paying attention to. That is worth making changes for. The stress and upset is the indicator I need to make a change.

    So do your own thang, Tierney, and find your happiness wherever it lies.

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    1. Oh yes audiobooks are so awesome! Occasionally I will borrow both the audiobook and the e-book on my Kindle so I can refer to any maps, photos, diagrams or how character’s names as spelled etc. 🙂

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  2. How exciting to be doing a renovation. Looks like you have a wonderful selection of reading material. I bet you will find lots of inspiration. I think a little change of pace in your sewing habits is a great way to adjust your focus and find your way back to improv. Structured sewing helps to cleanse your mind…. :o)

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  3. I want to read all of those books! I am a wanna be interior designer! I actually checked into classes several years ago. I love seeing a creative plan come together!

    Something else we have in common is that we are going to be working on our living room this Spring/Summer as well! I’ve had the “plan” for quite some time, but due to “life,” am just getting around to some actual visible results. I’ve done most of the prep work/primering and last week just bought all of the paint. I’m so excited. My plans also include some bookcases and a fireplace! We have the bookcases, but not the fireplace yet.

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    1. Oh wow you have already started your project – congrats! Interior design is a very appealing study and just wait till you get to that section on your reading through the library! I bet you will be in that section for a year – ha! Thanks for your comments my blogging buddy!

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      1. I would guess that the crafting/decorating section will be more than a year. As huge as just the 360’s are, the that section is REALLY HUGE! I actually can’t wait to get there. I’m enjoying the 360’s but sometimes the “heaviness” of the topics gets to be a bit much! I do look forward to happier, lighter topics at some point in the future!

        Yes, our project has been started…for about 2 years! (Oops!) But It should be back on track in the Spring/Summer. I was interrupted in this process by needing to care for two elderly parents. That meant some nonessential things–like interior design had to be put on hold. That is why I was soooo excited to get the paint last week!

        I enjoy reading your posts and “chatting” with you from time to time. I have a feeling we may be kindred spirits!

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  4. Thanks for sharing the reads, Tierney. It’s funny how the muses work. I think it’s right to follow where the inspiration leads on a given day/period, and go with it (in a way, my return to knitting happened because I needed a loong break from other creative projects). And the title of Carter’s book sounds intriguing. I’m so curious – I’ll plan to put that one on hold. 🙂

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  5. I think things cycle. I know I am in an art quilt/free motion season. Trying to perfect some new skills and challenge myself with something new. There is something sokidnjough about piecing from a pattern. It’s the precision that brings order to my life. I have recently pulled out my Electric Quilt
    Software and am starting to design some pieced quilts. Seems to me that this quilting thing always has something new for us to keep it interesting.

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    1. I loved your griff art quilt you are working on! How cool you designing your own quilts, looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Thanks your comments 🙂


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