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Quilt Studio Archeology and Purging, Part II

I consider myself an organized person. I try to keep everything nicely organized in my crafting area.

However it is just organized clutter.

In two recent posts Quilting Studio Archaeology and Quilt Studio Closet Purge I discuss going through the stuff in my sewing area with a critical eye and beginning to purge. Perhaps “quilting studio archaeology” is not the most appropriate term as over the past couple of days I have been engaged in Crafting Archeology.

You see, I am not just a quilter. I am also:

  • A paper crafter (card making)
  • A beader/jewelry crafting
  • A knitter
  • A crocheter
  • A small fabric craft maker (bags, potholders, pillows, etc.)
  • A various miscellaneous crafter (like my foray into felting…)

Each craft involves related paraphernalia and supplies. I had all of them organized in the closet in my studio, along with sewing fabric:


Above the closet doors is this a painted sign a friend gave me as a gift – Simplify. I kept this is mind as I go through everything left in the closet and make some honest decisions. I had already purged my unloved knitting, crocheting, and beading supplies. I have avoided until now my card making supplies, random crafting supplies and my fabric fat quarter storage.

Papercrafting Supplies

Between making cards and scrapbooking I have acquired quite a bit a paper and paper crafting supplies.

Over the past couple of years, on my journey towards embracing the minimalism movement and only have in my life that which brings me joy, I have donated a large amount of paper crafting supplies. I completed a huge project in 2015 – all my loose photos  were either put into a scrapbook or discarded. I have no more loose photographs.

When I completed this massive scrapbooking project, I decided to give up paper scrapbooking. If I craved another scrapbook in the future, I would have a digital scrapbook professional created.

However I had not decided what to do with my card making paper and supplies. I did sell a set of handmade cards on Etsy a couple years ago and I still like making handmade cards.




Initially my plan was to just box up all my card making and remaining scrapbooking supplies and donate them all. However the I am continually inspired by the beautiful paper crafts I see on blogs I follow such as PaperPuff ( and I want to continue to make cards.

So here was the compromise…

What I kept:


What I let go:


Next post, I will continue sharing my archeological dig and purge; and talk about my “Fat Quarter Pathology” and the big decisions made around my obscene collection of pre-cut fabric/fat quarters.


I am waiting until I have a couple more blocks done to provide an update on my Farm Girl Vintage blocks (see posts Farm Girl Vintage, Part I and Farm Girl Vintage, Part II and Recent Audiobook Delights). I just finished on called “Chicken Feet”.

One of my blogging buddies is also working on Farm Girl Vintage – check out for her blocks (she has made much further progress!)

Monday 3/6/17 is my last week of my 28 day Fast Metabolism Diet (FMD) that I shared in previous posts. I do not like scales but I feel like I have lost at least 5 – 10 pounds. When I have my annual wellness exam with my MD in April I will find out the official number.

My clothes are definitely looser and I feel great. I am looking forward to having a little dairy when the 28 day program ends!

Check out Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer’s posts on her Schnauzer Snips blog –

Feature photo credit: Russell Hugo, free

21 thoughts on “Quilt Studio Archeology and Purging, Part II”

  1. 🙂 You wrote THIS: “I had all of them organized in the closet ” and my mind read THIS: “I hide all of them organized in the closet” …

    Yes, I tend to hide stuff, get it out of sight, when we’re not sure what to do with it. But like you, I’m pretty good at getting rid of stuff, as “simplify” is my preference, too.

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  2. You’ve done a great job! Crafting stuff is the hardest to purge, because one never knows when they are going to be inspired and what kind of material that inspiration is going to need. I too have a craft corner in one of my closets. It does feel good after a purge though doesn’t it? Keep up the purge Tierney! 🙂

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  3. You are my hero! My sweatshop is clean but very cluttered and not only that the clutter has sneaked out of that room into other rooms of my house. My son has threatened to call Shady Rest Nursing Home to see if they have any spots open for demented old ladies if I continue to bring stuff into my space. Your closet is beautiful!!!!!

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  4. How awesome it would be to be the recipient of your downsizing. I compliment you in your tenacity to continue on in this endeavor. It takes a lot of willpower to release the purged items. Way to go Tierney!!!!

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