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Farm Girl Vintage, Part II and Recent Audiobook Delights

Farm Girl Vintage

I recently finished another block from the Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt. In the post Farm Girl Vintage, Part I I shared the first 8 blocks I made from the book.

Here is the latest block: Canning Season


You might have to use your imagination but this block is supposed to be 6 jars of canned goods in a farm’s cupboard. Yes, these colorful “Mason jars” of food may look suspicious but the fabric is pretty!

I had fun selecting fabric from my basket of fat quarters and scraps for this block:


If happen to also have this book and plan to work on the blocks here is a tip: Each block has cutting directions for both a finished 6″ block or a 12″ block. If you are working on the 12″ blocks, like I am, cover up the directions for the 6″ block so your eye does not accidentally cut your fabric to the 6″ block directions (BEEN THERE!)

Recent Audiobooks

In my post Cozy Quilt and Audiobook Delights, I shared that I was listening to the wonderful audiobook Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life by Susan David. Well I finished that book (I highly recommend it) and now I have moved on to listening to another “self-improvement” genre audiobook – Joy on Demand: The Art of Discovering the Happiness Within by Chade-Meng Tan.

Instead of providing and overview of this awesome audiobook, here is a link to brief article on by the author that provides many of the key concept in this book:

Joy on Demand The art of discovering the happiness within

Early in the book the author shares a wonderful quote by Archbishop Desmond Tutu:

“If you want to become an agent of change, you have to remember to keep your sense of humor.”

I love this quote!

I am mixing my endless nonfiction audiobook consumption (thank you local library!) with some fiction lately – a couple of mystery/suspense novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.


How about a photo of an adorable senior dog to close our this post?


I was visiting a friend who was babysitting a tiny 13 year old “Pom-Chi” (pomeranain and chihuahua). He was so tiny but he did not know it. He was trying to be alpha to a large golden retriever and very large golden doodle!

He was totally a miniature with a big attitude!

15 thoughts on “Farm Girl Vintage, Part II and Recent Audiobook Delights”

  1. Love your canning jars block. I started my Farm Girl blocks and am enjoying them but they are habit forming. I had some 5″ charm squares I wanted to use for this block and the measurement called for 5 1/2″ so I but a strip in between the jars. I just can’t help changing something. I will post pictures of mine later. I have you to thank for getting me started. I liked yours so much I jumped onto mine. Love the doggy picture. Can’t wait for your next block.

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    1. Peggy that is brilliant! I never thought of also digging into my charm squares (still have an obscene amount of those) for this project! Thanks for the idea, thanks for your comments and looking forward to seeing your blocks! I agree the whole concept is sort of addicting, I recently created a Pinterest board for other Farm Girl Vintage block ideas and color combinations to keep track of all the fun ideas I am finding online 🙂

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    1. That is awesome – thanks for the laugh and thanks for seeing SOMETHING resembling food in my jars – ha! That little “Dogitude” guy was even more adorable in person, I wanted to put him in my purse and take him home! (But then he would try and boss around Sassy and Mike)


  2. I don’t have to use my imagination. I knew exactly what they were right away! :o)

    *Gasp!!* I’m so sorry you had a minor goof up! That’s never happened to me! LOL! I can totally relate.

    Such a cute dog. Them tiny dogs can be very alpha when it comes to big ones. I know this from first hand. My little Sadie does her best to boss around my daughter’s German Shepherd.

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    1. Thanks Cindy and if you get hungry I have some imaginary homemade canned goods! Tiny dogs are hysterical and for self protection they probably need to have attitudes! That is so funny Sadie keeping a German Shepherd in line!

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    1. My mini schnauzers hate cats (well those walking around outside they see through the front window) but there is a cat where they go to get groomed (it is a little house shop) and they totally treat that cat with respect and a little fear!

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  3. Chewy is very honored to be featured in Tierney Creates! He just rolled into town for a temporary layover and is already a star! His rediculous amount of cuteness has paid off and he is now a permanent member of our family here at Hardy’s Heavenly Haven for Senior Dogs. There are a few people who knew this would be the outcome before we did. Tierney…….

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