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Farm Girl Vintage, Part I

Not a Farm Girl but In Love with Farm Girl Vintage

I am not a “Farm Girl”. I spend my teenage years in Upstate NY where there were farms and I have visited farms but there is nothing remotely “farm girl” about me. I did however absolutely fall in love with Lori Holt’s quilting block book – Farm Girl Vintage .

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The blocks and quilts in the book are not even my style (they would not fit in my home decor) and still I am completely in love. This book contains a wonderful collection of sweet farm-themed blocks and quilt layout options. It is very delicious.

So a couple quilting friends bought the book also and we are working on blocks and comparing notes. Here is my progress so far (to date I have completed 8 blocks):

My fabric selection/palette

Initial pull of fabric from my stash (primarily fat quarters)
Organized nicely in a basket

Setting Fabric – Using White/Off-White Fabric Scraps


Eight Blocks Completed (3 are duplicates):


My Favorite Block So Far (Baby Chick):


I will try to have better photos next time to showcase my next set of blocks.

Fat Quarter Stash Busting

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a “dirty little secret” – my ridiculous stash of fabric precuts (jelly rolls, charm packs, fat quarters, etc.). One of the cool things about this project is that I am using fat quarters and scraps fabric to make the blocks. I am not cutting into any yardage at this time.

I had a blast visiting with my crazy stash of fat quarters (purchased from over 16+ years of quilting) and pulling fabrics for my Farm Girl Vintage blocks!  As you can see from the photos my palette is not traditional “farm vintage” fabric but more “calico” and modern style “brights”.


I just realized I have not posted in a while.

Besides working (that darn pay-the-bills-job), I have been busily cooking up lots and lots of slow cooker/pot crock meals. On Monday I start my first ever formal diet – the Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy.

I am not one for formal diets and having a nursing background and knowledge of general good health principles, so when I have wanted to drop weight in the past I have done it through good nutritional choices and exercise. Recently however two of my quilting mentors (Jean and Susan) have gone on this diet and look fantastic. My friend Susan got me interested in looking into this diet as it restarts your metabolism. I read the book and it made a lot of sense scientifically.

I am not one to just jump into a formal diet plan, especially after never doing one before, so for the past couple of weeks I have made significant changes to my food choices such as decreasing dairy, gluten, and sugar intake; and learning to drink a large amount of water each day. Also I have worked on learning to snack a new way (life without peanut M&Ms) and learning to eat every 3 hours while awake. Finally I have been trying out the recipes.

So I am hoping to get off that pesky 10 pounds I have been wanting to lose – and if all goes well maybe I can lose 20 pounds and return to the weight I was when I was first dating Terry the Quilting Husband (you know before starting to put on those “love pounds” – ha).

We’ll see how it goes. I have been running my slow cooker non stop it seems,  portioning out and freezing meals (and labeling of course).

Terry the Quilting Husband has agreed to eat some of the meals (the food, much of it made in a slow cooker, is absolutely delicious) so that will make life easier instead of cooking two separate meal plans.

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32 thoughts on “Farm Girl Vintage, Part I”

  1. I agree that the baby chick is the favorite! Using up fat quarters is a commendable goal. I love the bright, cheery look of the quilt. Am interested in the fast metabolism plan…must look into that! Good luck with it.

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    1. Thank you! There are many adorable blocks in the book. I started out making the more traditional style blocks (2 of each) before being brave and venturing into blocks that so supposed to look like something on a farm!


  2. I love your color choices. I have the book and have put off doing the blocks as I did not have fabrics like Lori’s in my stash…even though I have enough to open my own fabric store. Every quilter has their own little ‘stump’ in the quilting process that they don’t love doing. Mine is choosing colors. After seeing your lovely colors I might just do it. Thanks for the motivation.

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment! You should start the blocks they are so fun (but stay away from the Butter Churn block that was very tedious – ha!) Glad I provided some motivation 🙂


  3. Your blocks are fun and more to my taste in the brights, as compared to the pastels on the cover. Enjoy using those fat quarters.

    As to weight loss, I’m lucky to be pretty stable in weight. That does mean, however, that when I want to lose some, it’s still pretty stable — hard to lose! I’ve finally dropped about 2-3 pounds I gained in Scotland. And yes, that says two to three, NOT twenty-three! We got back from Scotland almost 5 months ago. I’ve had to ramp up my calorie output even more, and cut back the input, too. Hard to do at the same time. So good luck to you.

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    1. Yes same thing for me, I eat healthy in general and walk twice a day and stay stable so I needed to do something different to kick up my metabolism (now that I am getting older, sigh…) Glad you like the brights I am using. I do not even think I have many fabrics in my stash like those on the book cover. 🙂

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  4. Thanks for diet tip off – any photos of sample crock pot meals? I’ve got a couple of slow cookers – added a mini version as the large was too big a volume, and was gathering dust – so I’m interested in a reason to use them.

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  5. Love, love, love the quilt blocks. I recently bought this book too. Great idea to work out of your stash. I will start this one after a few more UFOs are completed. I started weight watchers the other day so I will be cheering you on with your journey as well. Doesn’t seem like you have 20 pounds to lose but I’m proud of you for doing what feels right.

    If you decide that the quilt doesn’t fit your style, I know someone’s style that it matches (hee hee).

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    1. Yay! You can do with with Judy, Dana and I. It is our version of that block exchange Dana wanted to do, except we all keep our blocks – ha! We will likely have the blocks with us at retreat in May so get started ;-). Ah we are going to get skinny together 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, you know I love your site too! I have totally dropped the ball on the several blogging award nominations I have received in the past. I just made a post to hopefully redeem myself (a little bit) 🙂

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      1. I have dropped the ball on some others also. It took me over a hour just to pick. I don’t like that part. Too many wonderful sites out there. But I love your site…and your such a sweetheart. You better not drop this one!

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  6. Hello quilting buddy. I have the book and have been in love with this for over a year now, but of course, I haven’t done anything as I haven’t been quilting or even sewing! I did sew last week, the first time in six months, so I was happy. You have inspired me! I do love the baby chick block too. Can’t wait to see you in May. I am happy to hear about your healthy eating. I am plugging along, learning to eat differently and cook differently. I wish I only had 10 lbs to get off! I have gotten off about 30 but still have a long way to go.

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    1. You have to join us in doing the blocks then, so far it is Judy, Dana and maybe Lisa since she has the book too. Congrats on you making healthier eating choices too! Soon we will be ready for the Quilter Swimsuit Competition – ha! 🙂 Now you know from Quilt Retreat last year that Lisa and I have no problem with the Talent Competition…I wonder if we will embarrass ourselves again this May…lol –


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