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The Library Stack

Continuing my ongoing series of posts on my latest stack of books borrowed from my local public library, I realized a couple of stacks have come and gone and I did not post them (they were smaller stacks). This time I went a little crazy the other day at my local library. A couple of the books in the stack below I had reserved but many were “impulse borrowings“!


I had a little wander in my favorite “Dewey Decimal System” sections of 745 – 747 (and a little jaunt into section 700 – 702) and I wanted to take 1/2 the section home (even if I have read them before). My thinking was – it is a holiday weekend (New Years) and it is time to nest with some books!

As you can see below, this morning, I started nesting in my favorite chair with the books and a pot of tea:


So far I am really enjoying the book by Danny Gregory – Art Before Breakfast: A Zillions Ways to Be More Creative No Matter How Busy You Are (2015). Gregory discusses the benefits of making art and one benefit that captured my attention is that: “Art stops time”. Making art makes you be in the present moment – “Be here. Now” – it makes you observe the world around you instead of obsessing on all the busy thoughts in your head!

One of the books in the stack, Ted Koppel’s Lights Out was recommended on a blog I follow, Dewey Hop|Feisty Froggy Reads Through The Library. And yes, as the blog’s title implies, the blogger is reading through the library, one section at a time and sharing the interesting finds!

The book Reinventing IKEA by Isabelle Bruno and Christine Baillet, I discovered in the New Releases: Nonfiction section (this is always my first stop when I am browsing the library). We are thinking of re-modeling our living room someday and adding built in bookcases and I am the hunt for inexpensive ideas.

As far as Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, I had tried to listen to the audiobook but got lost and grew disinterested. I am going to try and read the actual book and see if that helps as the book has gotten such great reviews. Also I want to watch the movie someday and want to read the book first (as movies rarely capture all the delicious details in a book).

Well back to nesting with the books, perhaps I will also do some sewing later on this cold snowy winter day!


Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer is getting impatient with me. She is waiting for me to help her finish transferring the posts on her tierneycreates blog’s SchnauzerSnips page to her new very own blog – Schnauzer Snips (schnauzer Do not follow her yet or you will hate me for the endless notifications of “new posts”, which are old posts being added 🙂

Sassy is getting impatient

I have made it to 2015 in the transfer and I did not realize she had so many “posts”. Once it is done, she and I will share an announcement. Eventually I will remove her Schnauzer Snips page from the tierneycreates blog.

Comment to my fellow WordPress bloggers out there: This will free more space on my tierneycreates blog which is a good thing as I was going to have to eventually upgrade my plan for additional storage (thank goodness I have learned to resize my photos to take up less of my allotted storage space).

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  1. So fun to bring books home from the library! I don’t get to either of mine (2 different town systems) often enough. I did snag 4 “new” books for Christmas, though. The newest was published 20 years ago. 🙂 So I’m having fun with them. I’ll post on them soon, maybe next week.

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  2. I’m finally finding a book I have already read in your Library Stack! You usually make me feel rather like a reading slob when I see your list and notice your curiosity and wide interests. I’ve read The Girl on the Train–quite suspenseful and absorbing. I won’t be a spoiler with more information.

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  3. I am Mary Lu Snodgrass, a quilter and Mom to my schnauzer … Mazie. I only discovered you recently when I saw your response to Woolie Mammoth? I enjoy your site and I especially look forward to all Schnauzer Snips.

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  4. Wow, I really think an enjoyable and motivating book worth a read would be “Art before breakfast”. I think I need to hit up the library as you have been so successful at sharing your reads. I do appreciate the synopsis and recommendations as I am trying to be a better reader so I need something that draws me in and this really helps.

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  5. Wow! Another post I somehow missed. Although I do see it posted around some major holidays! Anyway, thank you for the shout out!

    What did you think of Lights Out by Ted Koppel? Until I read this, I forgot that you mentioned you were going to read it.

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